Design Questions Answered

December 9, 2014 Updated: December 9, 2014

Q: My condo is a 700-square-foot open concept space in a soft grey with dark hardwood floors throughout. How do I define the different areas while still maintaining an open concept with plenty of room to move around when I am entertaining?

A: Sometimes such a clean slate can be overwhelming. Start with a colour palette that will carry on throughout the space. This will give an overall cohesive look and create harmony. A tone-on-tone colour scheme will give you room to play with different fabrics, textures and surfaces while keeping the colours analogous.

The sofa and dining table should be your first purchase, as they will take up the most space. The decision between a sofa or sectional will also play a role in defining the area. An area rug is essential—it creates delineation, without being intrusive. You can then start to form the space around those pieces, like adding a sideboard or an accent chair to create a space that is functional and beautiful.
—Mackenzie Boon, Senior Design Consultant for BoConcept Toronto

Q: I have guests coming from out of town for a week over the holidays and I want to create a peaceful and inviting guest bedroom. What would you suggest for serene wall colours, artwork, and furniture that would help create this haven for my guests?

A: When I think of a peaceful oasis, I picture white sand and blue glistening water. To create this oasis, paint the walls in a pastel blue-green reminiscent of the colours of the ocean, coupled with a whitewashed hardwood floor and classic white trim throughout the room.

A large floating platform bed in a natural wood finish creates a great focal point. The bed should be flanked by minimalist side tables, in a corresponding wood finish, topped with a clear vase filled with seashells and white candles. Clear glass pendant lights above each side table recreate the incandescence of the ocean, while a silvery blue shag rug under the bed establishes structure in the space. A rich textured art piece, considerably larger than the surface area of the bed and side tables, showcasing footprints in the sand, captures the emotion of the room.

As a final touch, use stark white linens with lush inviting pillows in blues and greens to complement the tranquil ambiance.
—Erin Bhatti, Senior Design Consultant for BoConcept Calgary

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