Derrick Rose a Source of Inspiration for Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson: Report

March 3, 2014 Updated: March 3, 2014

Derrick Rose, who has been injured for the better part of two years, is a source of inspiration for his fellow Chicago Bulls teammates, according to reports.

Chicago forward Taj Gibson told ESPN that he “and Joakim [Noah] talk about it all the time,” referring to if Rose was back in the lineup.

“[Noah] says, ‘He’s working hard, man.’ He’s like, ‘That kid’s over there working hard, man. He’s trying to get back as soon as possible. Just keep playing, man.’ One day when we get him back, it’s going to be wonderful. We’ve just got to keep building, keep your eyes on the prize and just keep getting better each and every day. Because he’s getting better, and when he comes back we can just keep rolling and just keep building,” he added.

Coach Tom Thibodeau has said that Rose won’t likely play for the remainder of the season–noting that he’s not close to practicing with the team.

“I think Derrick’s a worker. He works hard every day. When you see your top player giving everything he has every day, it makes you want to do the same,” Noah told ESPN.

His teammates, according to the ESPN report, say that he’s still the leader of the team, despite his injury.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s great for us, it gives us confidence. It’s great for him because I know it’s good for him to be around this kind of environment, just his teammates. The thing with Derrick is voice means a lot to this team, so when he’s talking to you during the game it gives you that much more confidence,” Noah said.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rose was recently doing running on a treadmill, a sign he’s recovering.

“He’s doing some running, yeah,’’ Thibodeau told the paper last week. “So he’s off the anti-gravity treadmill. Still on it at times, but he’s full-weight now and doing lateral slides and things like that. But he’s nowhere near practicing or anything like that.”

“Doing a little bit more. He’s moving along, but nowhere close to practice.’’

Thibodeau again said hat “he’s out for the season.”

“I don’t know what else you guys want . . . and again, I think that’s a step-by-step thing. He’s doing great; he’s out for the season. Nothing has changed there,” he added.

But a source told the newspaper that the 25-year-old point guard is ahead of schedule in his rehab. He could play for the USA during the FIBA tournaments in July.