Derek Medina Posts Photo of Dead Wife Jennifer Alfonso on Facebook; Later Arrested (+Video)

August 8, 2013 5:07 pm Last Updated: July 18, 2015 5:19 pm

Derek Medina, a 31-year-old man from Miami, posted a photo of his dead wife on Facebook on Thursday, with police finding her body at his home.

Police said there was a 10-year-old girl at the home, but she was not hurt, reported CBS Miami.

The photo uploaded to Facebook shows a woman who was identified as his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, bent backwards with her head facing the corner of the kitchen. Her arm and face appear to be covered in blood.

The photo had the text “RIP Jennifer Alfonso” next to it.

“I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news … my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope you understand me,” reads a message with a Facebook account associated with Medina.

CBS reported that Medina turned himself in on Thursday afternoon.

According to the Miami New Times, Medina fatally shot his wife.

Both recently uploaded a photo of the two with a young girl at a restaurant. The night before Alfonso was murdered, she uploaded a photo of a picture of them kissing.

According to the New Times, Medina said that he was an actor on the show “Burn Notice,” but it appeared he only was in one episode.

A YouTube account that appears to be associated with Medina shows a man kicking and punching a punching bag in a gym. It is unclear, however, if the person in the video is Medina. There was also a video of him on “Burn Notice.”

He’s also a self-published author, with titles including “How I Saved Someone’s Life and Marriage” and “Family Problems Thru Communication and How a Judgmental and Selfish Attitude Is Destroying the World We Live in Because the World Is Vanishing Beneath Our Eyes,” according to the Miami New Herald.

Another  Aug. 1, 2013 video on YouTube, which says “6books created in 6 months by author Derek medina,” shows a purported collection of books he wrote.

Another video shows a man who appears to be Medina purportedly singing along to Bill Withers’ “Ain’t no Sunshine,” which has the lyrics “there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.”