Derek Jeter ‘Cancels Retirement, Signs 3-Year Contract With Boston Red Sox’ is Fake

An article saying Derek Jeter, the longtime Yankees player, signed a three-year contract with the Boston Red Sox after canceling his long-awaited retirement is fake.


The bogus report was published on satire news site Empire News.

“The franchise player Derek Jeter is sure to disappoint every New York Yankee fan in the world after deciding not to retire after this baseball season. One of their star players for years, Jeter has signed a multi-year deal with Yankees rival the Boston Red Sox,” it reads. “According to sources, Boston has been eyeing the possibility of picking up Jeter since he announced he would retire after this year, his 20th season in the MLB. Reportedly, the deal will make him an additional $25 million a year for the 3 years of his contract.”

According to a disclaimer, Empire News doesn’t post real stories and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental,” it reads.

On social media sites, people apparently believed the Jeter story.

“Finally getting even for the yankees stealing all those red sox players…..IN YOUR FACE NY !!” one person said.