Deputy Suspected of Being Drunk Disarmed by Sacramento Residents

May 5, 2016 Updated: May 5, 2016

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy ended up getting disarmed by Sacramento residents after he drank too much.

The deputy, who was not named in reports, had been drinking in Sacramento to attend ceremonies honoring fallen law enforcement officers, ABC10 reported.

The deputy started drinking on R Street when he got into a car nearby.


The car’s owner saw the deputy sitting in the car and noticed he had a handgun, a Sacramento police spokesman said.

The car owner and others then pulled the deputy out of the car and disarmed him.

When cops arrived, they realized that the deputy was a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department official who was in Sacramento to attend the ceremonies.

The spokesman said that it didn’t appear that a crime had been committed.

He was then turned over to his supervisor along with his gun. A sobriety test wasn’t give to him.

Officer Matt McPhail, a Sacramento police spokesman, told the Sacramento Bee: “They removed him from the vehicle forcefully and took his weapon from him.”

“We contact people very frequently, I would say all the time, several times a day downtown, who are intoxicated,” McPhail said. “Typically, our last resort is booking them or incarcerating them in some way.”

McPhail added: “The conduct here is not something we would like to see, this is not in line with the standards that we have set for ourselves as a profession. It’s unfortunate this would happen.”

Los Angeles sheriff’s Capt. Christopher Reed said his office was notified after the incident.