Deniece Cornejo Has Family’s ‘101 Percent’ Support Despite Silence, Lawyer Says

February 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Deniece Millet Cornejo has her family’s “101 percent” support despite them being publicly silent following the situation involving her and actor Vhong Navarro, her lawyer said.

Cornejo accused Navarro of trying to rape her at her apartment but CCTV footage backs up Navarro’s story that he was set up, beaten, and blackmailed by a group led by Cornejo and businessman Cedric Lee.

Many have been questioning what Cornejo’s family thinks about the situation since they haven’t made any public statements.

Attorney Howard Calleja said in an interview on radio dzMM over the weekend that Cornejo’s family members, including her parents, were there the first time that he met with Cornejo over the case.

Cornejo’s father is currently overseas for work, Calleja said.

He added that the family has requested privacy amid the legal battle that has included Cornejo and Lee getting charged with a string of criminal charges. 

“The point is–these people are private citizens,” Calleja said regarding the model’s family. “They are not artists, they are not even in government or whatever.”

“It does not mean if they don’t go on TV, it does not mean if they do not get interviewed, it does not mean if they don’t go on cam, they are not supporting,” he said.

Calleja said that there are many ways to support someone, and said that the parents are “always supporting, and 101 percent supportive of Deniece.”

While Cornejo has been leveled with the criminal charges, she has in turn filed a rape complaint against Navarro, claiming that the actor forced her to have oral sex with him and then tried to have sex with her before she was rescued by Lee and a group of men with Lee.


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