Deng Yujiao Rape Case Still Not Over

By Luo Ya, Epoch Times
July 1, 2009 6:15 am Last Updated: August 7, 2009 8:02 am

Although the widely-discussed Deng Yujiao rape case has been officially closed since the court decision on June 16, many attorneys throughout China believe the real criminals still have not been brought to justice.

In a letter to Hubei Public Security Bureau submitted on June 27, human rights lawyer Li Jinsong urged authorities to investigate the government officials that attempted to rape Deng Yujiao, as well as local police who tried to cover up the crime. In the letter, Li listed four charges against officials Huang Dezhi and Zhao Xiong, including attempted rape.

In a recent interview with Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, well-noted attorney Zhang Sizhi also pointed out five judicial errors made in the case. These errors include the absence of crucial evidence and witnesses in the court hearing.

Beijing attorney Zhang Kai said in an interview with Voice of America that the real issue was the corruption of government officials. “There are numerous prostitution cases in China, but the police either ignore them, or even help the criminals get away,” he said. “I believe this is because the police take bribes from criminals and provide protection in return.”

Chinese Internet users, who have paid close attention to Deng’s case from the beginning, are also continuing to make efforts to protect the young woman. Some deeply concerned citizens have actually gone to Badong, Deng’s hometown, to visit Deng and confirm her freedom and safety. The public continues to demanded that authorities reveal the truth behind this case.

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