Dems’ Selective Use of the Word ‘Choice’

October 25, 2020 Updated: October 25, 2020

I watched Joe Biden speak to an audience recently about the importance of women’s choice … as he was referring to reproduction rights. However, there was no mention about the infant’s rights. As a retired employee of an ultrasound manufacturer, I know about first/second-trimester infants’ developing brain waves, blood flow, heartbeat, pain sensations, etc. And this Democrat party calls for on-demand abortion, which defies science.

But back to the word “choice.” If a woman has the right to choose, then why are there huge obstacles to sending her future children to a non-union charter school? The Democrats fight tooth and nail to place her children (and others) in failing union schools.

Finally, if/when this woman is hired in a non-right-to-work state, say in the manufacturing sector, why is she forced to join a union? Where is her choice here?

In the Democrats’ world, the word “choice” is constantly plagiarized in so many ways that ultimately deny women’s rights. Wake up, America!

Bill Jaeck