Demi Lovato Concert in Toronto (Photo Gallery)

March 28, 2014 Updated: March 29, 2014

TORONTO—The ACC was filled with thousands of fans as they ”Let It Go!” with Demi Lovato bringing her “The Neon Lights Tour” to Toronto on March 26. Opening the night was Fifth Harmony who did a great job entertaining the crowd with their set. Cher Lloyd was next to hit the stage in support of her soon to be released album “Sorry I’m Late” and new single “Sirens,” although she did rock previous hits as well. 

In turn, Demi Lovato spun through her collection of new and old hits, showcasing her powerful vocals and great stage presence. Her new album DEMI feat. “Heart Attack” and “Neon Lights” is available now. 

The multi-talented Demi played piano and a few guitar licks, adding some rhythm on the drums at times. To the delight of fans, a collage of her past and present videos played on the video screens at one point in the concert. When it came to the song “Warrior,” the building echoed with loud sing-a-long fans who were ever present throughout the concert. The energized crowd bounced, sang along and participated throughout the night, and when “Neon Lights” came, many held up their smartphone with the Demi app installed, lighting up the arena.

Demi is also very vocal about her past and how important it is to clearly share her painful experience with others in hopes of helping any who may be in need. These included issues of bullying, addiction, mental illness, and eating disorders. A great collection of videos that talked of her past led into the song “Skyscraper.” She finished the night with a rousing rendition of “Give Your Heart a Break.”

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