Dem Candidate Eric Swalwell’s New Fundraising Video Raises Eyebrows on Twitter

June 3, 2019 Updated: June 3, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) has raised eyebrows with his new video seeking donations from his supporters for his 2020 campaign.

The video, which was posted on June 2, shows Swalwell changing the diaper of a baby girl, while the text “If Eric can clean [omitted] up at home … he can clean it up in Washington” is displayed on top.

“Will you donate $1 now to get me to the debate stage? I’m ready to clean [omitted] up! Give $1 now,” the caption of the video reads, accompanied by a link to his donation page.

His post garnered the attention of people on Twitter, who were quick to react to the congressman’s bizarre, albeit well-intentioned, efforts to raise money.

“Changing a dirty diaper is NOT a qualification to be President. What is wrong with you? Accept the reality you’re polling at zero. You and I have the same polling numbers and I am not even running for President,” one person wrote.

“It might be more effective if you were seen cleaning up the streets of your district. And addressing the housing crisis with actual solutions,” another person wrote.

“Congressman, what is this,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, other people were more straightforward with their criticism.

“This is the dumbest campaign tweet of all time. Of all time,” one person wrote.

This is not the first time Swalwell has been heavily scrutinized for his tweets. Last week, the congressman attracted backlash for a tweet where he posted a clip of an interview with Vice News.

“Well a white guy who doesn’t see other identities, or understand other experiences should not be president. I do,” Swalwell said during the interview.

“And where there would be gaps in my knowledge or my experience, I will pass the mic to people who do have that experience.”

In response, people on social media criticized Swalwell for his remarks.

“Hard to believe that this isn’t a parody account,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote.

“I’m sorry I have to be an adult and tell you this, sir… Your value to society is not determined by the color of your skin. You are not a “white man.” You are just a human being. More specifically, you are a human being polling at 0% because of nonsense like this,” journalist Jason Howerton said.

Swalwell has struggled to raise his profile as more candidates join the crowded Democratic 2020 field. The latest person to try the race was Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City.

The California congressman has not been doing well in the polls. According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, only 6 percent of voters find him favorable, while 15 percent find him unfavorable. Meanwhile, 77 percent have not heard enough about him to form an opinion.

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