Defiance Season 2 Spoilers (+Episode 1 Air Date for SyFy Show)

March 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Defiance season 2 premiere is set for an air date sometime in June 2014 on SyFy, with no trailer out just yet.

The show will return for 13 episodes. 

Let’s check out what we know about season 2 so far.

-Season 2 will pick up eight months after the season 1 finale. It will be much more about each character’s personal journey. “If anything’s happened in between series, it’s that everybody lost their jobs,” star Grant Bowler said. “So that thing that everyone distracts themselves with has been taken away from all these characters they’re not now left only with all their flaws, what they’re lacking, what they’re missing and what they’ve lost.”

-Season 2 will “get a lot darker,” added Stephanie Leonidas at a panel earlier this year, reported TVGuide. That includes Amanda, who lost her sister and her position as mayor. “She’s definitely an idealist,” Benz said of Amanda. “Especially in Season 1, she really believes in Defiance and in the town, but she’s been damaged. But she’s very good at covering it up and not revealing it. What I think’s so exciting about Season 2 is we see the mask is removed, and we get to see kind of her darker side.”

-Amanda will also be in a new live of work, described as “very interesting.” She’s also searching for Kenya.

-Datak will be away from his family for the first part of the season, according to a report from the panel from Huffington Post

-Stahma has taken over the family with Alak as the figurehead. She’ll be experimenting with the increased status and power that the new role gives her.

-Nolan is out looking for Irisa in the badlands.

-A new alien race will be introduced.

-The season will explore more deeply into the eight races already known, including at the life of a Bioman. 

-New Los Angeles will be part of season 2.

-New characters include William Atherton (“Die Hard”) as the E-Rep official Viceroy Mercado, who is Major Pottinger’s commanding officer; and Anna Hopkins as Jessica “Berlin” Rai, a soldier who makes documentaries that shine a positive light on E-Rep’s occupation of Defiance, reported TVLine

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