Deep Dive (April 12): Biden Asks Congress for $1.52 Trillion in Spending Proposal

April 12, 2021 Updated: April 12, 2021

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris meet with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle Monday to try and corral bipartisan support for the massive infrastructure package. The package is seeing pushback among lawmakers, particularly in regards to the tax hike.

A new study finds that raising the corporate tax rate and other changes under the infrastructure proposal would cost a million jobs in the first two years. This comes as Biden asks Congress for $1.52 trillion in a spending proposal for 2022.

And what about court-packing? Biden announced a new commission to review the possibility of adding more Justices to the United States Supreme Court. Now there’s debate over Biden’s own past comments. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer pushed back on the idea of court-packing. He issued a warning to those in favor, saying to “Think long and hard.”

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