‘Death In Live Show – No One Ever Thought This Could Happen’ is a Facebook Scam

January 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post that says “Death In Live Show – No One Ever Thought This Could Happen” doesn’t have a video and is a Facebook survey scam.

“DEATH IN LIVE SHOW!! No one ever thought this could happen. IMPOSSIBLE!!!” the post reads, and adds, “89,953 shared this. People in the show witnessed an UNEXPECTED DEATH!! of the contestant.”

There’s no video even though the post has an image of a startled woman with a YouTube-style play button over it.

“The link on this Facebook post will take you to the fake or bogus video sharing website shocking-videoz .com. This website will attempt to trick Facebook users into sharing the graphic videos, which doesn’t exist or is already on YouTube.com,” reads Online Threat Alerts, a website that tracks Facebook scams and malware. 

When one clicks on the link, it redirects the user to another website outside of Facebook, prompting the user to share the video before going further. By sharing it, the post then gets spread further.

It’s not recommended to follow the instructions on the website.

After sharing the video, the website then presents a series of online surveys that ask for one’s personal information.

The personal information can then be used by the scammers, who can sell it to online marketing companies.

Other survey scam posts that have gone viral include one claiming a video of a shark eating a man in the ocean, a video of the world’s largest snake in Brazil, and a video of the “most fatal car accident” in the world. There are also posts that claim to have videos of celebrities, including Rihanna.