Deadpool Movie Test Footage Leaked: Watch Ryan Reynolds in Preview of X-Men Spinoff

The Deadpool movie has had test footage leaked that shows Ryan Reynolds in the rumored X-Men spinoff.

The leaked pre-production footage shows that 20th Century Fox has been given a preview of what the film would look like and sound like. The studio has not greenlit the film as of yet.

The footage was published on YouTube but those videos were taken down.

The video was uploaded to an MP service, though, and is still up as of 2:18 p.m. EDT.

Describing the footage, The Wrap says: “The CGI-rendered scene features the titular Marvel hero diving into action while Reynold’s voice cracks jokes along the way.”

Comic book artist Rob Liefeld, who created the character with writer Fabian Nicieza in 1991, described the footage at a Las Vegas Comic-Con panel in 2013 and even reenacted what he had seen of the test footage himself.

Deadpool originated in the comics but has appeared in multiple video games and films.

Reynolds was Deadpool in the X-Men franchise film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He’s killed near the end of the movie.

The character is at first a mercenary who wields a pair of katanas but is later transformed into a mutant killer and dubbed “Deadpool.”

An epic fight scene near the end of the movie that had Wolverine and Victor team up after fighting each other the rest of the film saw them defeat Deadpool, cutting off his head and throwing him into a nuclear power plant.

However, some have suggested that Deadpool is actually alive.

Because the movie hasn’t been greenlit yet, there’s no slated release date or production start date.

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