Day Z Standalone

By Cody Scholberg, Epoch Times
January 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Day Z was originally a mod for a realistic military simulator which made the simulator into a Zombie apocalypse survival game.

This mod became so popular that the creators decided to create a standalone game. Since its initial release in December 2013, the game has already sold over 875,000 copies.

In the standalone game, which is a Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO), any player can kill your character, and when your character dies, you lose all of the items which you have collected. Players must ensure that their characters eat and drink to survive, and they must also scavenge for supplies which will be useful in killing both zombies and other players in an “every man for himself” survival-type game.

The Day Z standalone is still in its Alpha phase. A beta can be expected, according to the game’s developer, no sooner than the end of 2014. Currently, the Alpha, called the “Early Access” version, is available for purchase on the game’s official site or on Steam for 23.99 euro.

The developer encourages potential buyers to be sure they understand what Early Access Alpha means before they buy. Basically, the game has a variety of bugs, and users should be aware that they are not buying a finished, polished product.