David Harris Jr. Couldn’t Stay Silent

Reaction to Clinton–Trump debate was 'trigger' toward 'Blexit' movement
November 22, 2018 Updated: November 23, 2018

I first glimpsed David Harris Jr. outside the White House a few weeks ago, among several hundred young, black conservatives who were taking part in the Young Black Leadership Summit.

His confidence in front of a crowd and a video camera is enviable; viewed at close range, he dominates from the head.

The political/social activist, broadcaster, and author is one of a number of influencers who Candace Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA, envisages will help wake black America up from its blind—and misguided—allegiance to the Democratic Party.

“We’re going live, right now. It’s history in the making, friends,” he intones, while looking straight into the camera. Harris has his arm around the shoulder of Brandon Tatum. “It’s history in the making!”

“Yes, it is,” says Tatum, a former Tucson, Arizona, police officer, and SWAT team member, who is the director of urban outreach for Turning Point. “Yes, it is.”

Harris begins his broadcast.

‘We are here with about 400-plus young black Americans that love our country, that love our president, that support him, that stand in the face of all the ignorants out there that suggest that he’s a racist and a sexist. How do you feel my brother?” he asks.

Tatum beams under his MAGA cap. Actually, there are so many red caps around that it looks like a poppy field.

“It’s a blessing from God. He orchestrated this. He put this together. It is a pivotal moment in history. We are defying all the odds!” Tatum responds.

Harris emerged onto the radar with one video.

“The first video that went viral was one that I did after the third debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,” Harris tells me.

“As an American, as a father, as a Christian, and as a husband, I just had to hop on Facebook and share what I thought was at stake for our country. The video went to 400,000 views. The messages all said, ‘There is no way I can support Hillary and her stance on abortion!’

“It was the trigger for me when I saw the debate. Science knows information now that it didn’t have when Roe v. Wade happened. A baby has a heartbeat at eight weeks.

“To cause any baby, innocent and helpless, pain, is torture. It’s barbaric. You can go to jail for destroying an egg of a bald eagle. If a woman is pregnant and someone kills her, he can be charged with a double-homicide. If a pregnant woman is hit by a drunk driver and she loses the baby, he can go to jail for manslaughter. But if a woman willingly walks into an abortion clinic and has her baby dismembered, she can walk out free and clear. It is insane.”

In November 2016, he started a page on Facebook. He writes and broadcasts a live daily show and shares news that the mainstream media doesn’t.

It’s unswitchoffable.

Harris has a huge presence and isn’t reluctant to share his thoughts, Christian guidance, and laughter at the Democrats.

“They are mobsters, left-wing fascists,” he says.

During this past summer, he was invited by Tatum and Owens to a retreat for black influencers, hosted by Turning Point. The student activist group, founded by Charlie Kirk, is one of the largest and most strategic organizations designed to support conservative awareness on campuses. It strives to challenge the ideologies that seek to strip away our freedoms.

It was here that Harris heard about the Young Black Leadership Summit. And it was here that Owens shared her vision for reaching the black community through a movement called “Blexit”–a twinning of “black” and “exit” that some see as the new civil rights movement in America.

“For decades, the black community has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with the Democratic Party,” she said. “Few black people know that the Ku Klux Klan, founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest, was a military-style arm of the Democratic Party. Their sole aim was to keep black Americans immiserated and dependent on them. The Democrats used the KKK to enforce Jim Crow Laws, to manipulate, segregate and torture.”

By the 1960s, the Democrats had reframed themselves as the party fighting for black Americans, which is both preposterous and devious in the extreme. The Democrats have simply swapped plantations for inner-city slums.

Harris’s mother was a strong Christian. At the age of 7, he had a Bible verse memorized for every letter of the alphabet, and would stand on a shoebox and recite them.

He went to a Christian school. When he was 9, his parents divorced, and everything changed. They moved to Reading, California, a white neighborhood. His grandfather was the first African-American chaplain for the Shasta County Sheriff’s Dept.

“We were brought up with a strong understanding that abortion is murder. I never wavered from that,” he says.

“I slipped under the radar. My personal story is one of epic successes, to walking away from God, almost overdosing. He kept me alive. He was preparing me. I believe He elected Donald J. Trump to lead this country out of disaster and ruin. He’s a man that can’t be bought or controlled. He is a modern-day Cyrus. I have a coin with Cyrus’s head on the one side and Trump’s on the other.

“Blexit leadership has a strong belief in God. But we must invite Him into everything that we do. It is a romantic journey of faith.”

He’s just published a book called “Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent,” and gave a copy to the president.

There is a chapter in it titled “When America Elected, Obama I Cried …”

“I didn’t believe that he had our country’s best interests at heart,” Harris says. “When he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the foundation of our country, I heard something completely different than most people did. There are 4 million black people that are in poverty. There are veterans that are in poverty. ‘America First’ is the right thing to do.

“Obama signed one of the worst deals with Iran that America has ever penned. It granted Iran billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. Videos of Iranian leaders chanting ‘death to America’ are continually being shared all over social media, yet Obama was caught sending billions of dollars in cash to Iran, on pallets, in the middle of the night! That sounds like something a mob boss would do.”

Jani Allan is a South African journalist, columnist, writer, and broadcaster.

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