David Bowie’s Supermodel Wife Shares Rare Image of Couple’s Beautiful Daughter

August 18, 2017 Updated: August 20, 2017

David Bowie’s wife, supermodel Iman, posted a rare image of the couple’s beautiful daughter to Instagram.

The daughter, Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones, turned 17 on Aug. 15. “Jones” is Bowie’s birth surname.

Iman and Lexi have mostly been out of the public eye since Bowie died of cancer in January last year, after 24 years of marriage to Iman. Bowie was 69. Bowie’s last album, “Blackstar,” was released just days before his death.

The last notable appearance of daughter Lexi Jones was on Instagram last year, when Iman posted a pic of Lexi to wish her a happy birthday. A photo was also posted to David Bowie’s account. Iman occasionally posts pictures of Lexi at other times, too. Lexi also occasionally posts publicly to her own Facebook account.

Iman is a legend in the world of fashion and a fixture in cosmetics, playing a pioneering role in creating cosmetics more suitable for nonwhite women.

Bowie and Iman married in 1992. Lexi was born in 2000. Each has one child from a previous marriage. Bowie has a son, Duncan Jones, 46, and Iman has a daughter, Zulekha Haywood, 39.

Iman turned 62 last month. In interviews about their marriage, both the Somali born Iman and Bowie, born in England, said they were very happy together. They always were strict about keeping their personal life separate from their celebrity lives.

“They really knew each other because they had come up and traveled in the same circles. They were great together,” said Teddy Antolin, the hairstylist that introduced Bowie and Iman, in a People interview. “She was a real force and he needed a woman by his side to keep him focused,” he said. Bowie and Iman dated for two years before getting married.

“You could see after so many years of marriage that they were just like two teenagers in love,” said Danielle Parker, a journalist friend of the family in the People article.

“All I can let you know—in on the secret, is that we are blissfully happy. It’s a fabulous marriage,” said Bowie in a Entertainment Tonight interview. Bowie also said, in another interview from the same video, “First for me is our marriage and secondly is a so-called career. If there was a choice between one or the other, there’s no question.”

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