Data Prevention Loss: Why Companies Need to Get Serious

March 28, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Businesses tend rely way too much on digital gadgets in the modern age, thus inviting the risk of losing their critical information if someone skilled enough manages to hack into their internal network. Quite a few companies are guilty of not paying enough attention to security and treating it casually. The hackers or crackers take advantage of this and break through the digital walls to get their hands on crucial data.

However, hackers are not the only threat to the company as there could be certain employees that may leak the information knowingly or unknowingly. The organizations need to realize that they are competing against everyone in their respective sector and there could be firms that might be looking to get their hands on the information that is of strategic importance. This is why, certain security steps should be taken, like securing the company server or using a monitoring solution like Stealthmate for instance, to ensure that the sensitive data is always safe even in the case of data loss.

Data Loss Due To BYOD

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a trending practice in a large number of organizations, and this sometimes can lead to data leak. Employees bring their own device to work, performing business-related work on it. This same device may very well contain the crucial information that is required for company’s survival. At firms’ premises, this device is relatively safe and the probability of someone leaking the information is quite low. However, as soon as that same device leaves the office, it is available to use for everyone. This may lead to information leak which of course will affect the company’s position in the market.

Data Loss Due To Breach

As mentioned above, a skilled hacker can prove to be quite dangerous. There have been different studies that indicate that most of the companies lose their data in cases of breach. Small and medium enterprises are particularly careless about their security which is why they have always been the main target of the breaches.

Data Loss Due To Malware

Software with malicious intent are always lurking on the internet and can even sometimes become part of the company’s network if the users aren’t careful enough. This mostly happens in the case of BYOD as the employees are using their own device to visit certain websites casually and are not worried about getting attacked by the malware. This carelessness invites malware into the internal network of the company, which then can get its hands on sensitive or confidential information.


First thing the organizations should do is to keep backup of each and every bit of company’s information on a secure server because breach can occur at any moment. Secondly, BYOD should be monitored carefully. Using a monitoring tool can assist companies in keeping an eye on all the activities that employees are performing on their devices. By doing this, data of the company will be relatively safe on the personal gadgets. Finally, digital security measures have to be taken, so that the data can remain safe and secure even when a skilled hacker is doing his/her best to steal the sensitive information.