Dan Dotson: Storage Wars Auctioneer Rushed to Hospital; Doctors Say He May Die

Don Dotson, known as the auctioneer on Storage Wars, was rushed to a hospital this week after suffering a double brain aneurysm.

Doctors say that he’ll probably die.

Dotson’s wife Laura Dotson told TMZ that Don got up around 1 a.m. on Monday and started asking weird questions in his sleep.

When he got up again at 7:30 a.m., he began complaining about having double vision and not feeling well, so he went back to bed. But when he got up a few hours later to take a shower, he collapsed after getting out, and turned blue.

Laura says she called 911 and administered CPR with the help of the operator.

Doctors say that Don suffered two aneurysms, one behind an eye and another in his neck.

He’s begin given a four – 20 percent chance of arrival.

His surgery was successful on Tuesday but he’s not away from danger yet.

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