Dad’s Viral Post Sparks Worldwide Support for Daughter Fighting Infection

January 23, 2018 Updated: January 23, 2018

Parents of a young girl from Tennessee afflicted with spinal meningitis following a major head injury are finding the Pray for Chloe Clark movement they initiated on her behalf is gaining surprising momentum.

Chloe’s father, Jared Clark, posted a video to Facebook saying that his daughter had spinal meningitis and asked for prayers.

At the time of writing, that video has been shared more than 7,800 times, viewed more than 691,000 times, and support is pouring in from across the globe.

Chloe’s father told about how on Jan. 11 a piece of plywood fell from the roof of a house he was building for his family and struck his daughter.

“As soon as I heard the scream I knew we were going to the emergency room, I knew it was bad enough just from the sound,” Clark said.

But the little girl’s injuries proved significant enough for specialized treatment at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

But when she had recovered enough from the trauma and was about to go home, her condition unexpectedly deteriorated.

“She actually took a little nap and then she woke up screaming in pain, she grabs the back of her head and we’re kinda freaking out like what’s going on,” Clark said.

Tests showed she had somehow contracted meningitis, an infection of the fluid and membranes around her spinal cord.

So Jared posted a video on Facebook asking for prayers and shares.

Many well-wishers posted encouraging words. Some shared about how Chloe’s plight had made them reflect more deeply on their lives.

“I have had messages from people all around the world saying, I spend more time with my children today, my husband and wives, they actually took time off to be together,” Jared said.

Then on Jan. 18, Chloe made a breakthrough in her recovery and was taken off breathing apparatus. Her parents posted a video of the girl awake, speaking briefly to her parents, caressing her dog.

But the recovery hasn’t been a smooth one for Chloe.

“The best way to describe yesterday was emotional. We are still praising God for the miraculous work He did for Chloe, but the recovery stage hit pretty hard yesterday,” Sarah Clark, the girl’s mother said in a post.

“As we’ve never been through this, we had no knowledge of how rough getting off meds and just everything waking back up could be for Chloe. Please don’t let up on prayer for her, especially as her surgery date approaches,” she added.

On Jan. 23, Chloe’s father posted an update and this photo.

“This pic was 5 minutes before she started the pain & uncontrolled thrashing….
Thank you to all who are praying! Chloe has calmed down a bit, but is still very restless & acting very strange. They are suspecting seizers or delirium at this moment, but are reviewing her MRI from 5pm today. They are hooking up the EEG to monitor brain activity during this moment. She is twitching involuntarily & that has them concerned … the twitching has been progressively getting worse since this evening. She flat lined on the monitor for about 30 seconds during the episode but has been stable since.”

Several hours later, Clark took to Facebook to say that he had received news his daughter was being taken back to the intensive care unit, but that “all seems to be okay for now and today is going to be another “watching” day.”

He concluded by asking for continued prayers.

“It’s brought much comfort and encouragement to our entire family.”

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