Dad Tries to Tuck Baby Son Into Bed—But the Nanny Cam Captures ‘Something Strange’

May 20, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

Sometimes babies do things that are just, well, funny! And this is one of them—pure enjoyment for your viewing pleasure. This nanny cam caught this baby’s hilarious reflex reaction when Dad attempted to tuck in the little tike!

Dad, Gabriel Moore, got an unexpected response when it was time to put baby Tyler to sleep in his crib.

Tyler had a weird reaction whenever Gabriel touched his hand. Every time the father moved Tyler’s hand back by his side, the baby’s opposite arm shot up into the air like a creepy mechanical robot!

Both parents witnessed the amusing display, and they just couldn’t contain their laughter. Was this baby playing games in his sleep?

Illustration – Shutterstock | Andrey Mihaylov

The clip, titled Not a mechanical baby, has been viewed over 14 million times ever since Gabriel uploaded it on YouTube on Jan. 23, 2011.

“So funny!! So Cool!! The baby already has a Personality!!LOL,” one YouTube user wrote.

“Oooh so cuteeee cute,” another commented.

A third one wrote: “So precious. I just read about it on Top Buzz then looked it up here on You Tube. Our daughter had cute reactions simular [sic] to that when she was an infant. All her limbs along with her head would all come together like a rollie pollie with each sneeze one morning. Babies and children are gods precious angels and are a wonderful joy to raise. Bless you and your wonderful family Gabriel.”

Posted by Gabriel Moore on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

After viewing the clip online, some parents expressed concern that little Tyler might be suffering from a medical condition. “Its funny but its also too unusual, might it be a sign of illness? if that was my baby i would take it to the doctor and show [sic] him the clip, this could be a neurological condition or something… please take you [sic] baby to the doctor, just in case, to be safe..,” one concerned viewer wrote.

However, baby Tyler has since grown into a healthy and happy boy who loves to water ski and fly RC planes.

“To those that say contact a doctor that this is not normal, My Son Tyler is now 15 (as of December, 2017) with no problems,” Gabriel wrote alongside the video.

Illustration – Pixabay | ernschie

Have you ever come across anything like Tyler’s strange reflexes?

If you’re wondering what the reason behind the baby’s involuntary movements could be, Edith J. Chernoff, MD, a pediatrician and an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Chicago, has an explanation.

“Newborn reflexes are automatic responses to stimuli. The nature of a newborn reflex is that the baby doesn’t have to think about what to do, but rather does things instinctively,” Chernoff said, according to Mama Natural.

In fact, these weird infant reflexes are a normal part of a baby’s developing nervous system.

This video was definitely one of those quirky things Gabriel and Tyler could look back to and have a hearty laugh years later. Tyler is likely to get a kick out of it too!

Check out the fun for yourself in the video below: