Dad Pranks Daughter With the Gift of a ‘New Car’ After She Gets Her Driver’s License

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

All caught on video, a loving dad prepares a gift for his daughter to celebrate her passing the driving test to get her license. But almost immediately, as dad leads her out into their garage blindfolded, she realizes it is not going to be a simple “car” awaiting her that must have something planned, just by the nature of their relationship.

As dad spins her around and removes the blindfold, a large covering is placed atop something with a shape resembling that of a car. The daughter’s excitement quickly becomes evident, but she still expects a prank. She guesses it might be a boat, but nothing can prepare her for what lies underneath.

As dad removes the cloth, a small electric cart—with some age—comes into view. But dad and daughter instantly erupt into laughter, and dad quickly ushers her over to give it a try. She sits down, turns it on, and drives off down the driveway.

A time-lapse that follows shows how dad and brother covered the cart with an outer shell to make it appear as a cart as part of the prank.

The funny, heartfelt moment has warmed the hearts of viewers who have all appreciated watching the close, loving relationship between dad and daughter play out on video.

Credit: Newsflare