Czech Celebrities Fight Against Tabloid Media

May 11, 2009 Updated: May 11, 2009

PRAGUE, Czech Republic–Prominent Czech celebrities have launched a campaign this week to boycott tabloid media and stop all form of collaborations with them. Actor Marek Vasut and writer Michal Viewegh initiated a petition against the tabloids, accusing them of insensitivity, vulgarity, using inappropriate photomontages and cooking up scandals against the celebrities.

Senator Tomas Topfer, actor and politician, plans to discuss the petition in the Czech Senate Commission on Media. “It is necessary to define certain boundaries for the tabloids and find a way to hold them to ethical standards, since the current state of affairs exceeds all ethical limits,” Topfer told Czech online media
Other famous actors like Martin Dejdar, Eva Holubova and Jirina Bohdalova have added their signatures to the petitions. “It’s not true, how you [tabloids] claim demagogically, that we need you,” reads the artists' appeal.