Cyclist Pawel Poljanski Reveals Physical Toll of Tour de France

July 19, 2017 Updated: July 19, 2017

The legs of a cyclist who partook in the Tour de France have drawn the attention of thousands.

Polish cyclist Pawel Poljansk showed what happens to a cyclist’s legs after 16 stages of the 2,829.5-kilometer race (nearly 1,760 miles).

“After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired,” Poljanski wrote on his Instagram page.

Cyclists have often posted photos of their legs during grueling races.


Antoine Duchesne shows off his legs in another race. “When you’ve prepared yourself for the Tour and finally lost 5 kg …” (Twitter/Antoine Duchesne)

Rob Hayles, former GB world champion and BBC cycling commentator, told the broadcaster: “When I was riding there were a handful of riders who would be like that even in the winter, when not in training!”

“Although the peak power of a bigger sprinter is very high, generally their weight is also quite high, and this is why they can’t climb with the best,” he told the BBC. “So there is a balance to be struck between power output and weight.

“As you can see in this photo, the least amount of body fat you can have—while not necessarily healthy—if timed correctly (i.e. during a Grand Tour) gives a rider the optimum chance of performance. Some riders find it easier and more natural to get their weight down, while others struggle.”