Video: Dumbo’s Going Bananas In The Mop Bucket

April 24, 2019 Updated: April 24, 2019

Watch as a baby elephant takes a walk by the river before falling over as his mother seems nonchalant. Time to play in the grass with the birds but be careful not to fall over again. Elephants are so funny!

One baby elephant decides to sit on his human companion’s knee as she rolls over, laughing in the mud. You soon come to realize that elephants are adorable, loving mammals that crave human attention.

One large elephant decides to take a ride down the slope, whilst another scratches its head on the tree. Oops, Dumbo’s fallen bottoms up in the mop bucket! And this man isn’t giving his elephant any attention, so the elephant decides to distract him, by first tickling him with his trunk and then climbing on the bars and trying to pull him in for a hug.

Yes, elephants have a sense of humor, as little brother tries to push big brother into the water. One 17-year-old elephant is very protective over its caretaker as he lays down, the elephant rushes over to check everything is o.k. Another elephant is fed banana after banana, it’s a wonder he’s not going bananas! This cute little video shows that elephants have emotions and enjoy being played with by humans.