Curtis Lepore: Rape Charge Filed by Jessi Smiles Dropped

February 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A rape charge filed against Vine star Curtis Lepore by fellow star and ex-girlfriend Jessi Smiles has been dropped as part of a plea deal.

Lepore pled no contest to felony assault at court on Friday.

Under the deal Lepore has to complete 24 days of community service and a year of counseling.

If he does so then his formal conviction will be “misdemeanor assault.”

Smiles representatives didn’t return a request for comment to TMZ, which reported the news.

The accusation, which surfaced in January, shocked the Vine world because of the former relationship between Lepore and Smiles.

It allegedly happened in August 2013 when Lepore flew to Los Angeles to hang out with Smiles, but they ended up breaking up.

Smiles got a concussion several days later while shooting a Vine video, and Lepore called to say he’d help her. But Lepore allegedly went to where Smiles was, and, when she fell asleep, raped her.

Smiles tweeted the day after the alleged situation: ”Be careful of who you trust. Always be cautious for your safety. Be strong and don’t let your guard down…”

She also tweeted several other things that appear to be related to the situation, including “People are so crazy in this world. Please be safe.” and “I don’t feel like living on this planet today. Goodbye.”

Lepore has over 3.4 million followers on Vine, while Smiles has over 2.7 million.

After the allegation came out, Lepore and Smiles both tweeted about it:

Lepore: “Wow. TMZ? It all makes sense now. Let the second publicity stunt begin!”

Smiles: “I stopped living my life 6 months ago for a very long time and that is NOT going to happen again. This is all I will say. Love you all.”

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