Free, Fair Election Is Guarantee of America’s Freedom, Democracy, Filmmaker Bowers Says

December 10, 2020 Updated: December 15, 2020

Free elections are the most precious thing the American people have, giving them the ability to select those who will represent them in the government, to ensure that their rights will always be protected, and that they will always be able to live in freedom, Curtis Bowers, an award-winning filmmaker, told The Epoch Times in an interview.

“America was different than any other country. We had the form of government with the systems in place where the people are the ultimate power, that ‘we the people’ were the sovereigns, and the government was under the people, the public servants,” Bowers, also a former state representative in the Idaho Legislature, said on The Epoch Times’ “Crossroads” program.

If “[Joe] Biden gives the inaugural address on January 20th, we’ve got big problems here, because it’s treason,” Bowers said, because “the Democratic Party is undermining” the most precious thing we have—free elections.

Without a free election, “it’s just one moment away from martial law.” Once the Democratic Party knows it cannot lose power, it can do whatever it wants, “as this happened in so many countries in the 20th century,” Bowers said.

“We are at the most crucial juncture in the history of our country, nothing’s even been close,” he said. If the free election is taken away, “America will slowly be dissolved into a globalist system,” a world government system.

Who Can Endanger Free Elections?

Supporters for President Donald Trump
Supporters for President Donald Trump demonstrate outside of the TCF Center to protest the counting of votes for the 2020 general election in Detroit, on Nov. 6, 2020. (Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images)

In the Roosevelt administration, there were at least 300 Soviet spies working in the U.S. government, including high-ranking officials who had access to top-secret information, according to the Venona files, a collection of Soviet communications that were decoded by U.S. intelligence during World War II and declassified by the U.S. government in the 1990s.

The Venona files also revealed that some agents used their positions to influence U.S. policymaking and statecraft. Among those found to be Soviet spies were U.S. Treasury official Harry Dexter White and State Department official Alger Hiss.

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted The New Deal in the 1930s, “the size of government almost doubled overnight” and the communists who “were waiting in the wings” moved into government agencies such as “agriculture, education, [and] anything possible” just to start getting influence in the government, Bowers said.

The New Deal “expanded federal regulation of agriculture, industry, finance, and labor relations; the establishment of a legal minimum wage; and the creation of Social Security” and other forms of welfare, thus creating “the American regulatory and welfare state,” according to Robert Higgs, a retired senior fellow in political economy, founding editor and former editor at large of the Independent Institute’s journal.

In the 1950s, Sen. Joseph McCarthy tried to expose communist infiltration in the American government, but the facts were hidden or obscured from the public by leftist politicians, academics, and the left-wing media.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) itself never became a major political force, but it was able to infiltrate workers’ and student movements, the church, and the government.

These communists have never been removed from their positions, “and they keep hiring from within, they keep trying to get more influence, to make everything anti-American in our state department and all throughout the government,” Bowers said.

In the late 1950s, Fred Schwarz, a pioneer of American anti-communist thought, told the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee: “Communism is the theory of the disciplined few controlling and directing the rest. One person in a sensitive position can control and manipulate thousands of others.”

The deep state today “is this movement that never was rooted out, never was investigated, and it’s grown and grown,” Bowers said. “It’s just a Marxist movement inside of our own government, but it’s been there for 90 years,” he said. “They don’t have to call themselves Marxists or communists,” they call themselves progressives.

This is “why the Department of Justice is against our own President of the United States, instead of working with him,” he said.

In 1963, Rep. Albert Sydney Herlong Jr. (D-Fla.) read into the congressional record (pdf) 45 communist goals from the book “The Naked Communist “ by Cleon Skousen.

The list in the record included taking over “media, education, and Hollywood, the three main institutions of influence,” so people can be changed from within, Bowers said, “and that’s what they’ve been doing now for a long time.”

Where Is America Heading?

Biden and Trump collage
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden addresses the media at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Del., on Nov. 10, 2020. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images); (Right) President Donald Trump turns after placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as he attends a Veterans Day observance in the rain at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., on Nov. 11, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

Bowers believes that if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the election, he will be realizing the goals set out by the World Economic Forum, leading toward a world government. One of their objectives is to make people own nothing and be happy with that, Bowers said.

“It’s not socialism we’re heading to, it’s communism,” he said.

Biden has also talked about enacting The Equality Act within the first 100 days.

Biden’s vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris explained in a video made by the Biden campaign that her position is that equity is better than equality.

“Equality suggests, ‘Oh, everyone should get the same amount.’ The problem with that, not everybody’s starting out from the same place,” Harris said, adding that one person can still end up behind the other if they start from different places.

“Equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place,” Harris said in the video.

Bowers said: “The only system in world history that has held everybody in the exact same place is communism. Because we all have different talents, different motivations, different abilities, so to keep them there, it has to be totalitarian.”

If President Donald Trump wins, he will have four more years with his supporters helping him “to dismantle the beast of government in America,” Bowers said.

However, people will need to be prepared for a possible “revolution attempt by the Marxists at a much higher level than we’ve seen before,” he said.

Marxist groups draw donations by top corporations, Bowers said, adding that Marxists don’t waste money,” they use “it for their one goal: world revolution.”

People need to “keep working toward [the] movement to remake America into what it once was and to stop the movement to transition it into a socialist-communist utopia on earth because we know from history—it doesn’t produce that.” Bowers said.

They need to be “engaged at the local level, connecting with like-minded people, getting behind good candidates, getting good people to run, and stay engaged in this battle,” as well as educating and informing others, Bowers said.

“It’s a battle worth fighting, and it’s giving us all a very meaningful life of standing for the truth,” he said.

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