CSI Will Probably be Canceled; Good Wife and Madam Secretary Might

October 29, 2014 Updated: October 29, 2014

CSI will probably be canceled as opposed to being renewed for another season, according to a new analysis.

Zap2It, which analyzes ratings and other factors, says that the long-running CBS series is now more likely to be canceled than renewed.

“CSI’s episode order has been cut from 22 to 18 for this season, and because of that the show is likely to be canceled,” it said in an update from its previous analysis.


Several recent cancellations were preceded by episode order cuts.

That includes Numb3ers in November 2009, Medium in October 2010, and CSI: Miami in February 2012.

CSI’s ratings have been dropping over the years since its peak of over 30 million viewers per episode in some earlier seasons. The current season 15 has dropped below 9 million for three of its four episodes.

The episode order cut put in a long break. Episode 4 of season 15 aired on October 19. Episode 5 is slated for November 2.

Zap2It noted that additional cancellations might be coming too. 

“With the relatively highest rated CBS freshman drama class in recent years all getting full season orders, one veteran drama cancellation may not be enough. Stay tuned,” it said.



The two other Sunday night programs, The Good Wife and Madam Secretary, are labeled a “toss up” in terms of getting renewed or canceled.

Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods also might be on the chopping block.

The Good Wife, though, is believed by some to be basically assured a season 7, which would likely be its final season.  It’s been getting over 10 million viewers, although few in the key 18-49 demographic.

Madam Secretary, a new program headlined by Tea Leoni, is getting strong overall ratings–above 11 million viwers per episode–but the demographic skews older. The key demographic isn’t really tuning in, with a peak of 2 million (1.5 million on October 26).

TV Series Finale noted that even the show’s highest demographic rating is “mediocre.”

“Those aren’t very encouraging numbers for a new series and CBS was surely expecting a lot better. Low-rated, The Good Wife brings the network some prestige but CBS needs more shows with better numbers,” it said.

“If Madam Secretary’s ratings stay at this level or continue to decline (particularly in the demo), this new show will be in very real danger of being cancelled. On the positive side, the network is likely to be patient — at least for awhile. The ratings could go up, especially if the show starts getting some positive word of mouth.”

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