Cruise Ship Anthem of the Seas Hit by Waves From Hermine

September 5, 2016 Updated: September 6, 2016

The cruise ship Anthem of the Seas was rocked by large waves spawned by tropical cyclone Hermine over the weekend.

After leaving Bayonne, New Jersey, on Friday on its way to Bermuda, it crossed paths with the storm, creating a harsh ride that left some passengers complaining.

Passenger Robert McHugh recorded a video of the storm, showing waves crashing into the Royal Caribbean ship. “The seas were churning up a little bit,” McHugh told NBC New York. “There were a lot of people who weren’t feeling well.”

“Ready to get away from Hermine #seasick #stuck in cabin,” passenger Louise Hardag also tweeted.

“When you’re walking down the hallway, the ship is lifting up and dropping down,” McHugh noted.

Other passengers weren’t enthralled with the trip.

“This is inexcusable,” said passenger David Hughes, according to WNCN-TV. “The conditions are really bad and have not improved at all throughout the day,” he told the station on Monday. “At least half or more of the passengers and crew are sick and it’s getting worse.”

Owen Torres, spokesperson for Royal Caribbean, told ABC News that the ship arrived in Bermuda on Monday morning.

“While sailing yesterday, our captain informed guests that we had experienced higher winds and gusts for a 2-3 hour period,” Torres told the network. “We’ll continue to share weather information with our guests throughout their trip.”

The Anthem of the Seas has been involved in several high-profile incidents, including one in Feb. 7, 2016, where the ship was struck by “extreme wind and sea conditions.”  On June 30, as the ship was sailing from Bayonne, N.J, an 8-year-old boy was found unresponsive in the ship’s pool and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. He was pronounced dead at Staten Island University Hospital in New York City two days later.