Crude ‘Muhammad Simulator 2015’ is Probably a Bad Idea, Will Offend Many

By Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
February 9, 2015 Updated: February 9, 2015

Someone on 4chan’s notorious /b/ community posted a “Muhammad [expletive] Simulator 2015” game over the weekend.

No, screenshots or links to download the game won’t be included here. You can figure that stuff out for yourselves.

The game was apparently designed to offend the worldwide Muslim community in the wake of the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings that left 12 people dead and following several high-profile executions carried out by the Islamic State, or ISIS.

The original post reads: “Hello /b/. I wanted to share something I made with you. It’s a computer game where you play as the Prophet Muhammad, blessings of peace be upon him.” The /b/, or random board, is the most popular section on 4chan, and it’s a place where crude memes and pornography are the norm.

The game includes lewd acts that won’t be described here.

Screenshots of the game were being shared on Reddit and Twitter on Sunday night and Monday. reported on the game, saying:

In a statement on internet forum Encyclopaedia Dramatica, gizmo01942 takes responsibility for the game, if not for any of offence it may cause. “It should be obvious,” the statement reads, “but I want to make it clear this is not intended as a serious attack on anyone’s faith nor is it meant as a serious critique of any real-life historical figures.”

The post goes on to claim that the game is a statement of “free speech absolutism” and that the maker refuses to be part of the “cycle of hate”. As for the circle of jerk, well that seems sadly unavoidable at this point.

Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston