Creating Perfect Hair for Your Special Day

August 17, 2017 Updated: August 17, 2017

Dreamy boho waves, on-trend plaits or an intricate up-do? Choosing the perfect bridal hair is exciting and often overwhelming. Brides often find a hair trial the most stressful “event” during their wedding planning journey, and yet 90 per cent of the time under-invest in their wedding hair experience.  

Enter Jason Crozier, expert in all things hair and make-up. His main piece of advice? Never stray too far away from “you”.  

He said going for a drastic new look on your big day will probably make you feel uncomfortable and might freak out your husband-to-be.  

“You’re wanting to create just a slightly elevated, more glamorous, perfected version of yourself,” he said. “Always save the shocking haircut until after the wedding.” 

Jason has worked on celebrity cover shoots and is creative director of CrozNest, a collective of fashion experts who work with backstage hair stylists at the major fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. He brings his expert eye for high-end fashion to CrozNest’s sister company, CrozNest Wedding Hair, who put together bespoke packages for wedding hair and make-up for bridal parties of any size. 

As a fashionista, he’s used to managing a team to perfect the locks of up to a dozen catwalk models in two hours. He ensures the same level of attention to detail and professionalism is given to brides-to-be and their bridesmaids. 

And it’s not just about how the bride’s hair accentuates the cut of her dress; Jason also explores how her fashion and style complements the setting of the wedding. 

“The ultimate moment is when the bride and the groom get their wedding pictures back. Everything’s in situ, everything comes together, and they are like: ‘wow we look amazing, we feel amazing,'” he said. 

He’ll explain if he feels there might be a clash – like going for 60s style hair and make-up in a Georgian town setting. 

Another tip from Jason to ensure a very good hair day on your wedding is to take extra care of your hair with treatments or conditioning a few weeks in advance. 

“Everybody should have super-sassy fabulous hair, and that can’t always just be achieved on the day,” he said. “Always speak to your hairdresser and find the best way to get there.” 

Choosing the most amazing hair and make-up is a creative process. Jason finds out the needs of brides-to-be and comes up with various mood boards, design sheets, and Pinterest boards.  

“It’s such a poignant moment in anybody’s life. No matter what scale they take their wedding to, it’s something that they’ll remember forever, and to put a few details in that memory is an honour,” he said.  

“It’s such a fabulous thing to be part of somebody’s life for that day and help send them on their way on their crest of love.”

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