Create an Online Dating Profile that Actually gets you the Dates You Want

October 30, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

If you have tried online dating, and found that you weren’t nearly as successful as you had hoped, don’t give up. It could simply be that your profile wasn’t up to par. For instance, if you are looking for a person to spend your life with, using such websites as Millionaire Match, you don’t want your profile to look like the average teenager’s Facebook profile. You want something that is going to stand out and get noticed, for all the right reasons, and help you find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. If you make a few changes to your profile, you could be one of success stories of Millionaire Dating.

  • No More Bathroom Photos – If you are looking for a quality mate, you don’t want to put bathroom photos on your profile. No one wants to see you half-naked on the toilet or in the shower. They also don’t want to see those photos your buddies took of you passed out after a party last weekend. You may get dates, but they won’t be with anyone who you would want to get serious about. Photos should be ones that you wouldn’t mind your grandmother seeing. Head and shoulder shots are best, and make sure that your eyes are visible. NO SUNGLASSES! Showing a nice smile also helps.

  • Tell More about Yourself – If you don’t sit down and really think about what you want to say about yourself, and just click the “want a relationship” box, you may get a hookup for the night, but you aren’t likely to find the mate you want. Take the time to write some details about yourself. Tell them what you are looking for, who you are, your hobbies, etc.

  • No Disclaimers – One of the biggest turnoffs for people using dating sites is when potential dates write about what they don’t want in a partner, and don’t list the bad things your exes have done. It just shows that you have a problem staying in a committed relationship, and that you blame the other person.

  • Say More than “Hi” when Emailing a Potential Match – If you simply say “hi”, you are showing that you don’t really care about taking the time to make a good impression. Let them know why you are interested. Otherwise, they will just keep looking.

  • No Photos of Yourself with other Girls – If you want to meet a quality woman, you are not going to do it by having photos of yourself with a lot of other women you have dated. After all, would you want to see all of their exes?

  • Don’t Click “Like” or “Want to Meet” on their Profile – These options may be there, but you really shouldn’t use them. Make real contact. Send an email, tell them what you liked about their profile, and really connect with someone.

  • Use New Photos – No one cares what you looked like in high school. Potential partners want to see who you are now. You could have changed a lot since that old photo was taken, and you don’t want to mislead anyone.

  • Forget the Dirty Talk – Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t want you to talk dirty to them, especially before you have even met. Refrain from making any sexual comments.

  • Ask for Her Number – If you see a profile and you are interested, don’t just send a message to say hello. Ask for a phone number. That’s how dating worked way back before the Internet. Then, actually make the call and ask her out. Why bother asking if you aren’t going to call her?

Image Source: Mo Riza