Create a Designer Kitchen on a Budget

February 22, 2014 Updated: February 22, 2014

The homeowners, two busy professionals, love to entertain at home. During their search for a new dwelling, they were looking for an open concept space that would have an industrial loft look with all the modern amenities. When they came across such a space, they decided it would be the perfect canvas to express their personal style.

Designer Marc Atiyolil, Canadian Home Trends’ editor-in-chief, helped the couple design this condo-chic space using IKEA cabinets and appliances.

“I had the opportunity to tour IKEA’s head office in Sweden this past year, and I saw first-hand how IKEA products are designed and manufactured. I have to say that I was very impressed at how their products are vigorously researched and tested.” said Atiyolil.

“When I was approached to work on this project, I was certain that I would be able to get the custom look that the homeowners desired and keep within the project’s budget with the use of IKEA’s diverse product range.”

They started by building the kitchen virtually using IKEA’s kitchen planner. With a few clicks, they were exposed to the endless choices of cabinet sizes, door styles, finishes, hardware, and counter top options.

While navigating through the options, they found the perfect door style for the project, the white “RAMSJÖ” door. The details and warm-white of this traditional door helped offset the often sterile look that one gets with a white kitchen. The addition of the beautiful black FINTORP door handles reinforced the black and white theme of the space.

Atiyolil then complemented the style of handles with the GLITTRAN kitchen faucet in black.

“I first fell in love with the porcelain sink. I felt the porcelain would bring that old loft look to the space, and when paired with this traditional faucet, they become unique conversation pieces,” he said.

However, this kitchen has more going for it than its youthful good looks. Its careful design makes it highly practical and functional.

It was important for the homeowners to have ample counter top space as they are avid cooks. But it wasn’t enough to simply meet their culinary criteria—the kitchen also had to include an area to accommodate the couple’s lavish dinner parties.

“A large table that extends to comfortably fit 12 guests was placed in front of the linear kitchen. The table acts as an island and more than doubles their counter space when needed.” said Atiyolil.

As space was at a premium in the loft, the walls were painted in a warmwhite (General Paint’s Skoki CLW1040W) to reflect the natural light coming through the large industrial windows.

“The space was originally a very dark colour and the wall colour wrapped around the 12- foot ceilings. When using such a dark hue, your natural light will absorb into the colour. I love using soft colours as they help reflect natural light to make a space feel more vast. In a loft renovation, you want that open look. I chose a white as it would reflect the most natural light,”Atiyolil said.

The homeowners are now settled into their new home and can attest to the practicality of the kitchen. They hosted a dinner party last week and received a 5-star review from all of their guests!

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