Crazy Tech Blogger Drops a iPhone X Down a Mine Shaft

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 7, 2019

It is a crazy video you will have to see to believe. If you own technology, it is sure to make your hands sweaty and clammy, leaving you clutching your phone or tablet just a little tighter for the next few days to come.

In the 3-minute long video going viral on Facebook, watch as a man puts his iPhone X up for the ultimate test. Attached to string on a GoPro mount found on the phone’s case, the man is preparing to drop the phone down a 4,000 foot mine shaft. With the phone’s camera rolling, he positions the phone over the metal crossbar grates that prevent anyone unsuspecting from falling in and does the unthinkable.

With only minor hesitation, and the phone’s camera running, he drops the iPhone X into the darkness. The string spool it is attached to begins to unravel at an alarming rate.

From the camera on the phone, watch as it the iPhone X tumbles out of control down the mine shaft, spinning in freefall with the rocky walls of the mineshaft visible on all sides. Eventually it is too dark to see, but the phone keeps falling until it hits the bottom with great force.

The results are surprising, and you just have to watch this video to see them for yourself.

Video Credit: Newsflare