Crater-Like Pothole Closes Road in Michigan

February 25, 2018 Updated: February 27, 2018

Drivers in the state of Michigan complain a lot about potholes, and this picture on a Michigan police Facebook page clearly illustrates why.

Officer David Clark with the Grand Blanc Township Police Department, climbed into a pothole that had formed in Grand Blanc Township in Genesee County on Friday, Feb. 23.

The Grand Blanc Township Police Department said that Clark is 6-foot-5, and the pothole came up to his knees.

“McWain Rd. is closed, south of Baldwin Rd. due to a culvert wash out,” the police department said. “The Genesee County Road Commission has been notified and we are awaiting their arrival.”

The Facebook account posted an update later that day saying that the pothole had been temporarily filled.

All the thawing and freezing from the erratic weather this year has been wreaking havoc on Michigan’s roads.

“Moisture seeps into the pavement, freezes, expands and thaws, creating a gap in the pavement. As vehicles drive over the gap, the pavement weakens leading to a pothole,” the Michigan Department of Transportation website says.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan is ranked No. 3 in a survey of 100,000 tweets across the country in the last month of people complaining about potholes. The survey, compiled by auto site, used geotagging to determine which areas had the most complaints.

Michigan repair shops have been overwhelmed with tire fixes, and rental agencies are running out of vehicles due to the number of people with ruptured tires looking for alternative transportation, local media report.

The state, and even some cities, have promised to reimburse people for tire repairs due to poor roads. The state says it may pay for some repairs of less than $1,000 that a person’s insurance won’t cover, according to its claim application.

The state is asking people to report potholes so they can be fixed. Michigan drivers can fill out a form on the Michigan Department of Transportation website or call  888-296-4546.



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