Craft A Summer Sale that Brings Big Fall Profits

For service provider solo-preneurs and small business owners, Summer can sometimes be a dry spell. Clients go on vacation or are no longer “in the mood” to power down and get to work. CEOs are off in their Hampton summer homes and there is no one left in the office but associates and interns who aren’t able to make executive hiring decisions. It can get discouraging.  So, inevitably you think to yourself: What if I did a Summer promotion? STOP RIGHT THERE! Below find three crucial tips on how to make Summer sales irresistible instead of a cheap imitation of your business.

We never say FREE, we say complimentary. Anyone who has been in the service industry for longer than five minutes knows that classic line: things are complimentary and never free. Well, same goes for sales. An effective sale is one that creates urgency through a controlled period of time and sells a product with equal or more value at a lower price point than normal, usually tied to a fun theme or incentive. For example, a July 4th Sale is much more tempting then a “It’s the fourth Saturday of the month, and I need to pay my rent” sale. This is for several reasons. First, July 4th is a national Holiday, which most Americans love to celebrate so there is a festive cultural tie.  Second, the date “July 4th” gives urgency, as the sale will end after July 4th weekend. Third, the occasion –tied to several family traditions- opens the possibility for several transactions. When crafting your sale make sure to create it around an event that is locally or nationally recognized and that the event resonates with your brand. My company, for example, which often works with many femme-preneurs always throws a sale in March which is National Women History Month.

It’s getting hot in here!  Let’s face it, everyone wants to turn their brain off the minute the sun comes out in the North East. It’s no surprise, with more than seven months of the year being spent bundled in thick coats and layers of scarves and hats, it’s finally time to break free from our cocoons! But here’s the other side of coin: most people only leave for 1-2 weeks. The idea that people “aren’t around” is a pure myth. They’re around – they’re just hiding. They’re juggling their kids that are running around the house or being back-and-forth to summer camp. They are trying to explore a new hobby or actually finish their first book of the year. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Because, now you know where their interests lie you understand that you can’t just sell the same thing you were selling in the Fall. No, you are way more clever than that. You are going to craft a fun, non-committal sampling of your services for a quarter. Think of it as an appetizer. So that come fall they’re craving the main course & the dessert.  

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