Covert Affairs Midseason Finale: When Does Season 5 Return? Any Season 6 News?

Covert Affairs midseason finale is set for August 26, with season 5 returning at some point later this year or early next year.

USA Network hasn’t announced when the show will return.

Season 2 is the only season so far that has had a midseason break. The break was relatively short, from early August to early November.

Midseason breaks are usually until January of the next year but based on season 2 the USA show could come back as early as November 4.

The show is not yet renewed for a season 6, although it hasn’t been canceled either.

Season 5 has had the lowest ratings yet, hitting a series-low 1.4 million in episode 3 and averaging about 1.65 million per episode.

If the show does get renewed, it would likely be for only one more season unless ratings picked back up. Season 4 averaged about 2.4 million per episode.

In any case, the midseason finale will include a death, co-creator Matt Corman told Entertainment Weekly.

“Fans of this show have come to expect twists and turns, and this episode delivers. Without getting too specific, yes, a character that the audience has come to know will die,” Corman said.

Also, Hayley will return to form, co-creator Chris Ord said.

Hayley’s always been on the side of finding out the truth,” Ord says. “Things have complicated because of it as the season’s gone on, but the one thing you can count on is that she’s gonna find out the truth. We have to see where that takes her, and it certainly will collide with what Annie’s doing.”

Check out a description of episode 10, or the midseason finale, below:

Against Auggie’s wishes, Annie aids McQuaid with a difficult mission. Hayley becomes more resolute in her hunt for the truth.


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