Cousins on Spring Break Turn Tables on Armed Robber at Florida Gas Station

March 26, 2019 Updated: March 26, 2019

Four cousins fought off an armed robber and his accomplice in a Florida gas station in the early hours of the morning, tackling him to the ground before wrestling away his gun.

The moment was captured on video by CCTV cameras in the gas station in Broward County at 3:45 am on March 24.

The man who pulled the gun is still at large, but his alleged accomplice has been arrested and charged.

The cousins had traveled from Indiana to Florida for spring break to celebrate a birthday and were on their way back to where they were staying for the night.

“I tried to find a gas station that was closest because we were running low on gas,” Alex Wisbey, who was the designated driver that night, told Local 10 News.

Video footage shows them outside the car chatting as they fill up with gas, when a black Hyundai pulls up at another pump and a masked man gets out and runs over to them, brandishing a gun.

Epoch Times Photo
The masked man approaches the cousins. (Broward County Sheriff)

As he points the gun at the four, he says, “Give me everything you got,” a police spokesperson told the Sun Sentinal.

But when he gets close, they suddenly spring into action, grabbing him and tackling him to the ground.

“Then my cousin, Jacob, gets on top of him and I’m in there, trying to wrestle around for the gun,” Aric Wisbey, a student at Ivy Tech, said.

Epoch Times Photo
The cousins wrestle with the gunman, as his shirtless accomplice runs over. (Broward County Sheriff)

A shirtless man, later identified as Kevin Campbell, then gets out of the Hyundai, runs over and tries to push the men off the armed attacker.

As the wrestling bodies separate, the shirtless man moves aggressively towards one of them, but when he spots Aric Wisbey holding the gun, he retreats back to the car.

At one point, the masked attacker appears to threaten the cousins again, but then backs off, gets in the car and drives off after Wisbey aims the gun straight at him.

Epoch Times Photo
The would-be-robber holds his hands up as one of the cousins turns his own gun on him. (Broward County Sheriff)

Alex and Aric said they both have concealed weapon permits and experience handling firearms.

The cousins cautioned Local10 that people should follow their gut if it says to comply with a criminal’s demands.

“But if there is a situation and a moment where you can wrestle the gun away or protect yourself, or your family or friends, absolutely do that,” Alex Wisbey told Local 10 News. “Do not second-guess yourself.”

The gunman is described as about 6 feet tall, stocky, weighing an estimated 210 pounds, with dark dreadlocks.

The gun, a silver 9mm Taurus, was found to have been stolen during a 2017 vehicle burglary.

An hour after the attempted robbery, the deputies went to the registered address of the black Hyundai, where they found Campbell leaning against the car.

Epoch Times Photo
Keven Campbell (Broward County Sheriff’s Office)

“When law enforcement approached, Campbell ran,” said Gina Carter, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. “Fort Lauderdale police’s K9 found Campbell hiding in some bushes,” she said.

He was arrested and, according to county records, charged with robbery with a firearm.

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