Courageous Chinese Attorneys Face Arrest in Beijing

By Gao Ling, Epoch Times
January 8, 2006 Updated: January 8, 2006

According to an insider's information, the CCP in Beijing plans to arrest renowned human rights attorneys Mr. Gao Zhisheng and Mr. Guo Feixiong no matter what the cost.

During an interview with attorney Guo, he said, “Our goal is for China to become truly ruled by law. If the authorities insist on framing and falsely accusing us, then they will bring disgrace upon themselves.” At the same time, Mr. Guo suggested that the international community nominated attorney Gao for the Nobel Peace Prize, since Gao's open letters to the Chinese leaders condemning their human rights violations have made him a true hero worthy of such an honour.

Beijing plans to arrest Gao Zhisheng

A recent series of articles supporting Gao as the next president of China that have been published overseas have violated the CCP's taboo against expressing one's political views. An insider has revealed that some high-ranking communist officials believe that the attorneys Gao and Guo seek not to protect human rights, but to seize political power. The CCP will do whatever it takes to stop them.

Regarding this issue, attorney Guo said, “We don't want to be involved in politics. Our intention is to have China walk on a genuine path ruled by law. All of the activities in which we have recently participated, were openly published on the Web. We wanted to push for elections of members of the People's Congress. All our activities are non-political and seek only the greater good for all Chinese. I must reiterate that if the authorities insist on framing and falsely accusing us, they will then bring disgrace upon themselves in full view of the international community.”

This insider also disclosed that in one of Gao's recent articles entitled, Chinese People, Please Remember the Names of Those Who Spilled the Blood of the Innocent, he wrote, “There is no doubt that freedom, democracy and rule by law will be established in China. This day is not a far-fetched illusion, but is, in fact, an imminent development! In less than six years, this ideal will be realized and will directly influence the lives and profession of the people.” (Please refer to The CCP authorities took this as the evidence that Gao would attempt to seize power in six years. Guo said that the government was obviously making a trumped-up charge in order to discredit Gao.

Guo recommends Gao for the Nobel Prize

Guo said that he had read several of Gao's open letters after being released from prison. He felt that, “Gao has reached a magnificent level with courage and honesty. In his open letters, he has surpassed anything he had previously done and has thus become an indomitable moral hero to over one billion Chinese people. I respect him from the bottom of my heart!”

He continued, “I respectfully suggest all those who care about human rights in China help to nominate Gao Zhisheng for the Nobel Peace Prize. Gao is the most eligible person in China for this honour. Support for true human rights in China is currently very strong. Hundreds of thousands of college students have learned about the Taishi Village incident [1]. The Taishi villagers' call for justice is the true voice representing the mainstream public in China. Attorney Gao, having been for years an advocate for human rights, has won widespread respect and attention.”

Facing a precarious future with a smile

After authorities in Guangdong secretly arrested Guo for his legal defence of the Taishi villagers, attorney Gao sent Guo a text message, “Being true warriors for justice, prisons and hell are still our battle fields!” Gao, who has spoken out against the persecution of Falun Gong in his open letters, is also mentally prepared to pay the price.

At the end of the interview, Guo said, “I thank the overseas media for reporting the truth and I also thank my friends for their continued support.” Beijing may arrest Guo and Gao in the very near future. If Guo and Gao are imprisoned, Guo still hopes that the world will continue to pay attention to human rights and democratic reform in China.

[1] Since the beginning of 2005 summer, several hundreds villagers of Taishi village, Guangdong province, started activities to protect their own rights, in which they requested to have an audit of the village finances, and a re election of village officials, but their activity has been cracked down on by the local government. For more detailed information please refer to the following web site,