Cote de Pablo Returning to NCIS Rumors Pop Up Again, But Ziva David Return Just Speculation

November 13, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Rumors about Cote de Pablo returning to NCIS have popped up again this week, but once again it’s just speculation.

The speculation about Pablo returning to the CBS show as her character Ziva David has been going on since the moment she left the show, with viewers bandying together to try to get her to come back.

One of the latest reports, from the Inquisitr, claims that David “isn’t really gone for good.”

But like many of the recent reports the article recycles old information while pointing out what all fans know–David is still part of the storyline as her name gets brought up from time to time, but she’s not part of the show anymore.

The report also brings up quotes about a possible Ziva David return from show creator Gary Glasberg from back in September.

“We didn’t kill her,” Glasberg said. “So, Ziva’s still out there and she’s still alive. … We’ll just have to see what happens,” Glasberg said at the time.

“A lot of people have approached me about the idea of not shutting the door entirely on [their staying in touch], and I’m not opposed to it,” Glasberg told TVLine earlier this year.

“But it has to be done in a way where it feels organic to the storytelling and we’re not just throwing in lines about Ziva here and there.”

For example, “If Tony’s in a personal relationship or there’s something significant happening for him and he wondered how she would respond, then maybe we can figure out a way to do it. It’s a valid issue to bring up.”

But Glasberg noted that Tony is growing as a person and an agent without Ziva.

So it’s just speculation for now, but here’s a little bit of evidence that could point in the right direction–Cote de Pablo has nothing scheduled for 2015 as of yet other than The Dovekeepers miniseries, according to IMDB, which would free her up to a return to the show if one gets penciled in.

Some of the NCIS cast would also like to see Ziva back. 

“I am sure they will see each other again, and I’m deeply fascinated by what kind of fireworks would result,” Michael Weatherly (Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo) told TVGuide in September about a Ziva and Tony reunion. “I absolutely know that it would not be without some explosive quality.”

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