Corrosive Corruption Kills Democracy

November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of the philosophy and history of Antiquity in providing insight and guidance. In fact, they drew heavily upon both in creating our Constitution, one of the most important documents ever conceived by man. In particular, the numerous checks and balances incorporated into our system of government were inspired by the Roman Republic’s melding of aristocratic, monarchial, and democratic principles to check the worse impulse of each while enhancing their benefits.

In addition to inspiration, the Roman Republic’s history also provided cautionary tales regarding the internal forces that could, if unchecked, become a Republic’s undoing. In fact, Aristotle believed in a natural progression of systems of government that started with tyranny, led to oligarchy, transmuted to democracy, and ended in monarchy, starting the process over. In Rome’s case, the Gracchus brothers provide the object lesson of the slide into dictatorship. These patriots tried unsuccessfully to protect and restore the position of the yeoman farmer who had formed the backbone of the Republic and her Legions for centuries against the corruption brought about by large estate owners and special interests who were buying off the political establishment. Although initially successful, they were both in the end murdered on Senate orders for having the audacity to try to change the system.

If this tale sounds familiar, look no further than to the recently concluded Presidential Election where a corrupt cabal of Big Media, Big Tech, the Deep State, Hollywood, Wall Street, Leftist Academia, the Political Establishment, Foreign Interests, and Bicoastal Elites have actively worked together to undermine the foundations of our democratic system to tip the balance to remove President Trump, the advocate of the forgotten and ignored America that values country, flag, liberty, freedom, and the right to live as one pleases.

Now this nation is two senate seats away from a socialist takeover that will fundamentally change the way this country governs itself. Pray the Senate holds Republican. Like the Roman Republic of old, corrosive corruption of the ruling elite and their cronies throughout business and media is paving the way for the ruin of a nation conceived on the ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is high time to start the arduous project of methodically exposing the rot and removing it.

Cincinnatus West