Cool Off With the 10 Best Fashion Bloggers From Scandinavia

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times

It’s officially summer here! You (and your sandals) have probably noticed already. During these hot summer days cool off with our latest pick of beautiful fashion bloggers. After strolling with the French and British in the world of fashion blogs, it’s time to have a look at Scandinavia! Elin Kling has made a huge impact, so let’s see what else makes Scandinavian fashion so unique.

Ulrikke at Ulrikke-lund  

If this blog doesn’t have a bookmark placed among your favorite ones, you should do it now. Ulrikke is a neverending source of inspiration. This Brigitte Bardot-like beauty is blogging from Norway’s Oslo, rocking in feminine skirts and not afraid to wear trends differently.

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Marie at Blame it on fashion

Marie is Danish girl behind the Blame it on Fashion blog. She has a unique style in mixing and matching while still keeping the outfit simply balanced. So Scandinavian! It seems like making one website platform for different blogs is a thing in Scandinavia now. Freshnet is one of them (see also Rodeo, Carolines Mode, Creators of Desire), so you’ll also get to know other Danish fashion bloggers.

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Camille at Clamour 4 glamour

It’s always refreshing to see somebody playing with fashion, letting her (or his) personality speak to create the style. For Camille from Denmark, fashion is fun! And for me, it is even more fun to be inspired by this Scandinavian sporty minimalist.

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Madeleine at Bonjour vintage

Imagine life in a pastel color vintage photo of beautiful Sweden. Full of light and flowers—that’s what Bonjour Vintage blog feels like. A French name is just the cherry on top. To complete the Pinterest-like experience, Madeleine really is a vintage boutique owner, so be prepared for an escape to another reality.

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Caroline at Carolines mode

Caroline knows how to rock today’s trendy normcore style. If you want to see the newest high-end pieces styled to look totally casual, prepare your bookmark buttons. Carolina also hosts many other guest bloggers, so you will get to experience yet more Swedish style.

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Kenza at Kenzas

It won’t be a list of the best bloggers without Kenza’s perfection. To watch the trends in the world of professional fashion bloggers, you need to follow designer Kenza. See her shop IvyRevel, that she  co-founded. It’s no coincidence that Swedish girls are said to be some of the most beautiful in Europe. Although, I have to admit, she’s got Moroccan roots.

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Isabelle at Isabelle Pedersen

Personal stories from one Swedish life of Isabelle. Maybe you think it’s nothing special, but you should see how sublime those captured moments are. From time to time, Isabelle also posts some #ootd outfits to fill up our inspiration.

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Magna at What Magna wore

Make sure you read this first before clicking on the link. It’s my very first Icelandic fashion blog, but I wouldn’t expect it to be so unique. Magna is a nurse, hypnotist, AND grandmother with an eclectic and kind of authentic vintage style. Her loving daughters decided to create this blog to capture the free spirit in this stylish lady. After stereotypical young blogs, this is a welcome change, right?

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Maria at

Maria is from Oslo, but currently studying fashion design in New York. Let’s see what life in the Big Apple makes with a Norwegian tomboy style.

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Ebba at Ebba zingmark

Meet Ebba, the 18-year-old red-hair model from Sweden. (Yes, that’s the combination.) It’s hard not to admire her beauty and be taken away by this light young heart. 

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