Conspiracy Theorist David Icke Attacks Minister After Visa Cancelled

February 20, 2019 Updated: February 20, 2019

Controversial conspiracy theorist David Icke has accused Australia’s immigration minister of having “the spine of a jellyfish” after his visa was cancelled before a speaking tour about reptilian rulers and world domination.

Icke had been scheduled to talk in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, and Sydney about his theories of secret societies, human hybrids and government mind control starting on March 1.

But federal Labor candidate Josh Burns, his Liberal rival Kate Ashmor and the Anti-defamation Commission (ADC) called for the Englishman’s entry to Australia to be denied on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism.’

Icke was told his visa had been cancelled by Immigration Minister David Coleman hours before he was due to board a flight to Australia from the United States.

“What is the idiot doing? He’s proving me right,” Icke told AAP from Los Angeles.

“Coleman is a coward. He has the backbone of a jellyfish.

“He has insulted every Australian man, woman, and child. He’s insulted their right to the most basic freedom, which is the freedom to choose what they hear,”

Coleman said he wouldn’t comment on individual cases.

Icke said the statement given to him from Coleman’s office cited his views on vaccinations, global warming as well as Holocaust denial for the visa cancellation.

“This is a deeply, deeply sinister day for Australia,” Icke said.

“This is a fascistic decision that confirms (George Orwell’s) 1984 has arrived in Australia in 2019.”

Icke, who’s previously visited Australia 10 times, is now working to resolve the issue and hopes to have his visa reinstated.

The former soccer player and broadcaster made headlines as a doomsday prophet in the 1990s when he declared the British royal family were part of a reptilian bloodline and plans were afoot to establish world domination by a hidden “elite.”

Icke believes there are reptile hybrids embedded in Australia’s wealthy political class but has declined to name names.

“(Reptilians) are everywhere in positions of real power,” he said on Wednesday before it was revealed his visa had been cancelled.

He promised to “connect an enormous number of dots” in his Australian talks for an audience who were “waking up” against their global overlords.

In a public statement, Icke said: “I would like to clarify the following in no uncertain terms: I am not anti-Semitic, I am not a Holocaust denier, I do not wish to have Holocaust denial be taught in schools.”

ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich applauded the immigration minister’s decision to revoke the visa.

“Allowing Icke into our country would have crossed red lines and would have sent the message that it is open season on the Jewish community and that vilifying and maligning Australian Jews is OK and normal,” he told AAP in a statement.

Burns similarly welcomed the move.

Icke has claimed the visa denial is a result of a smear campaign from “politicians who have been listening to special interest groups attempting to discredit my beliefs, my views, and my character by spreading lies.”