Conrad Black’s Article on Flynn Case

May 21, 2020 Updated: July 9, 2020

To The Editor:

Conrad Black’s Article on Flynn Case

How can we begin to thank you, Mr. Black, for your superb article on the truth concerning the case against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, other than to say thank you for the full truth about the terrible injustice that has happened to him? Yes, also the injustice to President Trump and to Mr. John Thompson. God help us if we cannot stop such injustices happening to any other American citizen.

I am so grateful I receive The Epoch Times newspaper in order to read articles such as yours, which clear my mind of months of untruthful facts. Now I know the truth about all the problematic news over the TV that wanted to distort the truth about the three above mentioned honorable men.

I pray every person who has read your article will be praying for every prosecutor to be held accountable for their involvement in untruthful actions against any American, and let them begin with [those involved in actions against] Lt. Gen. Flynn.

Sincerely submitted,
Joan A. Suess


Response to Roger Kimball Article 

I appreciated Roger Kimball’s article, “We ‘Stay Safe’ and Dissolve Our Firmer Virtues,” appearing in the May 7–13 edition of The Epoch Times. The expressed wish “stay safe” conveys a sense of fear, almost a sense of shared helplessness. Instill a sense of fear and helplessness into a people, and before too long they willingly allow their government to take control of their lives, grateful that such government has come to their “rescue.”

Those Democratic governors who have issued draconian orders in response to COVID-19 have done us a big favor: They have shown us what life would be like if they were ever to gain complete control of the government. It would mean the relinquishing of freedom and personal initiative, replacing those cherished values with fear and subservient dependence. It would be a society in which the only words we could legally utter would be the expression “stay safe.”

I would suggest that we counteract that trend by replacing the expression “stay safe” with a much better alternative: BE BOLD! It’s even alliterative!

Don Ritsman

Reopening the US Economy

More and more, we are reading about and viewing businesses [that are] not supporting the structured beliefs of state and national rules and regulations constructed by politicians. The owner of a beauty salon and many other business owners, recently, defied the present rules and opened up their businesses so that their workers could go on and continue to make a living to support their families, etc. I am a Republican, but before that I am an American. I will vote against any politician that would vote to support any of these rules and judgments that hamper and hinder the ability of an American citizen to survive in today’s environment. One last thought: Local politicians allow citizens to go to grocery stores and intermingle with other citizens but disallow the same citizens from going to a windblown environment called our beaches because of their belief that this is a wise idea for stopping the spread of this virus. As citizens, we need to do a better job of electing government officials that can think and reason.

Harry Winkler


Inspiring and Uplifting

I just wanted to reach out and express how excited I am about receiving my first two copies of The Epoch Times.

I never imagined, as I began my Sunday morning [with] reading my first issue of The Epoch Times, that a newspaper publication could be so inspirational and uplifting, despite the current events. 

I look forward to continuing my journey with you and your amazing journalists this year.  

Thank you!

New York


Emergency Fund Cash

I am responding to the article written by Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz on where to stash your emergency fund cash. She listed various accounts within one banking institution.

However, what about the Dodd-Frank Act that allows bank “bail-ins” to take money from unsecured creditors, depositors, and bondholders to restructure to stay afloat from derivative claims? There is great risk of losing a portion or all of one’s deposits no matter what account. The principal objective is that banks “too big to fail” will not be bailed out by taxpayer dollars, so that bank takes the taxpayer money deposited in that bank. So, what’s the difference? The person loses their money either way. And I am not sure that the FDIC will be the firewall it claims.

Hasn’t this “bail-in” program already happened in Europe with Greece, Cypress, and Crete?

Greg Savage

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