Confronting Video Shows Unprovoked Attack on 13-Year-Old Boy

March 4, 2018 Updated: March 4, 2018

An attack on two teenagers has been caught on camera and posted to social media in a bid to name and shame the offender.

Kyle White, 13, and his friends were hanging out at a park in Blakeview, South Australia, on Saturday, Feb. 24, when he asked a man and an older teenager to stop smoking around them, reported The Advertiser.

During an exchange of words between the two groups, the older teen – who Kyle believes is 17 years old – suddenly swung his fist towards Kyle’s head when he was not looking.

Warning: Footage may be distressing to some viewers. 

“[The attacker] was acting normal, and he said, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ then he hit me,” Kyle told the newspaper.

“I turned my head and just out of nowhere he hit me: I was like in heaps of shock,” he added.

Kyle said in a Facebook comment that the 17-year-old hit him a total of 7 times.

Kyle’s friend, Jade Wickham, was also assaulted when she tried to help her friend.

“He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt … and threw me on the floor,” Jade told The Advertiser.

“He hit me multiple times, so I tried to leave and run away,” she added.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook on Feb. 26 by Kyle’s mother, Donna White. It has been viewed over 27,400 times as of March 4 with many social media users expressing their concern over the 17-year-old’s behaviour.

The White family told 7News that they hope the video would encourage the attacker to come forward and apologise.

“I just want him to get caught and say sorry to Kyle,” Kyle’s father Andrew White said.

Donna said Kyle and his friends were lucky to get away with cuts and bruises and that “it could have been a lot worse.”

“They need to grow up and stop picking on others,” Donna told The Advertiser.

Brett Duncanson from the Sammy D Foundation, an organisation that raises awareness about the consequences of violent behaviour, said both of the victims’ families will suffer long-term effects from the incident, reported the newspaper.

“This is yet another incident showing that we need to spend more time educating our youth about the ramifications around violence. That incident was a cowardly act,” Duncanson said.

Police are currently investigating the incident.



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