Condo Design Q&A

November 22, 2014 Updated: November 22, 2014

Q: I’m moving into a condo and I find that everything looks very “cookie cutter.” With the holidays just around the corner, I plan to entertain frequently and I want the space to look and feel like a home, especially the living room. Any ideas?

A: Start with the basics. Make a list of the items you will require for your condo: a light-coloured three seater, a multi-functional coffee table, easy-to-move lounge chairs, storage with sliding doors to save space, etc. Next, create a layout while considering key positions. For example, do you want the sofa to face a window with a beautiful view or do you want it to face the entrance to welcome guests? Make sure to assign adequate space for each item.

For your colour scheme, start with furniture in lighter, neutral tones to create a spacious feel while leaving the opportunity to play with accessories that are on-trend. A great rule of thumb for accessories is to create a “red thread.” Work with one or two solid colours and carry these colours throughout the condo with cushions, throws, vases, paintings, and other accessories.

To create a personal feel, choose colours that feel optimistic and include memorabilia from past vacations, gifts from loved ones, and other keepsake items in your décor. These items give your space a unique and meaningful touch.
—Ronald Gutierrez, Interior Stylist for BoConcept Vancouver

Q: I am getting my condo ready for the upcoming holiday season and I want to redesign my living room. I know it’s important to start with a piece you love and build the room around that item. My question is: how do you build a room that will remain timeless?

A: When planning a timeless interior, most people will gravitate toward classic elements, natural materials, neutral colours, and flexible configurations. While these are important things to consider, none of them matter if your home is not a representation of the true you. As an interior designer, I can give you advice and lead you toward a look that represents the hottest trends, “the new it” so to speak.

Shop with your senses: touch the fabrics, feel the comfort, and choose colours that uplift your spirit. Style is relative but a home that is designed around your personality rather than the latest trends will never be outdated. At BoConcept, the possibilities for personalization are endless and everyone can find a style that truly represents them. Your guests will wonder what makes your home distinctive and your décor timeless.
—Anna Taran, Senior Designer for BoConcept Laval

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