Compliments to Reps

December 30, 2019 Updated: December 30, 2019

To Whom It May Concern at The Epoch Times:

Just had a wonderful 20 minutes on the phone with one of your San Diego subscription representatives, Michelina. Not only did she expeditiously respond to a myriad of my questions on options to order the newspaper, but she was delightful to converse with.

Once I made my 6-month subscription order (plus 1 fee month), I asked Michelina to try to connect me with her supervisor so I could pass on comments regarding my first impression with a member of the Epoch Times administrative component. She put me in touch with Angie, who let me know how appreciative the Epoch Times management is with positive feedback on both the quality of the newspaper and the personnel in the subscription department.

As background, I have been seeing the advertising for the paper in recent months, so when I came across a daily copy while at Penn Station in NYC I immediately purchased it. During the 3+ hour train trip to Washington, DC, I read it through. As a retired CIA Economic Analyst, I was impressed with the breath of articles and the in depth reporting and analysis! Be assured I will be telling my friends who closely follow US and World events, as well as domestic and foreign political issues, and want fair journalistic reporting and opinions.

A Very Appreciative Initial Subscriber,

Jerry S.