Communist Spies Say, “You Must Be Blind to Talk About Law With the Communist Party!”

April 11, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: April 11, 2006 12:00 am

It has been 51 days since Ouyang Xiaorong was kidnapped by the Chinese communist regime, and 15 days since Meng Qinggang from Xijiang was kidnapped by the Public Security Bureau of Beijing. The Chinese communist regime is still carrying out crimes against morality and rule of law.

Recently, several well-known figures in China advised me over the phone that it is pointless to outline in detail everyday the activity of the spies following me because it is damaging my own image. Some of my friends also told me, “We have been followed and spied upon for many years, yet we have not written about such encounters in detail, this is unnecessary.” As usual, I thanked them for their advice and at the same time told them my perspective is, “I don't think everyone should follow in my foot-steps in noting their encounters with the communist spies, but by the same token it is an incorrect approach not to record such encounters; I will not persuade you to follow suit!”

I have always believed that the illegal actions of the communist spies hounding people, placing them under house arrest and harassment are against moral values and basic human rights. I see this as a responsibility given to me in this period, as a witness to such immoral deeds, to expose the communist evil tactics and to use every opportunity to publish such affairs. Last night, those spies guarding my house did not walk about maliciously like the night before. But they stayed in the car parked outside my front door and throughout the night, they took turns shutting the car door loudly and because we were separated by only a thin layer of paper, the whole family had a restless night!

In the morning, as I was leaving home for my normal jog, a spy came over and stood in my path. He said, “We have orders from above that as from today forward, you are not allowed to go outside for your exercises.” I reminded them that the 24-hour harassment of my family and restriction of my personal freedom has violated constitutional and basic laws recognized by the communist party, but the eight spies simply laughed at me. They forcefully pushed me back and forth and one spy wearing glasses (the one who told Ma Wendu yesterday that “we are all gangsters”) said to me viciously, “Did you grow up in China? You must be blind to talk about law with the communist party, your brains must have been eaten up by dogs! Yet you claim to have been all over China!” When I insisted on proceeding with my exercises, he said, “Would you believe me if I said we will break your legs?”

Today, a dozen spies, all of them wearing sunglasses, sat in my court yard all day doing nothing. Drink bottles, cups of noodles, cigarette packs, etc. scattered around them. Their continual loud voices disturbed everyone all day. My fourth brother went to negotiate with the leader of the group and was told, “Don't mess around, why don't you ask your third brother (Gao Zhisheng) to leave the house, that will solve everything!”

My wife just rang to say she was followed closely by six communist spies every time she went out. No matter where she went, to the supermarket or to the bank, all six of them would follow her closely and openly!

On April 7, 2006, my mother's home also came under house surveillance by Chinese communist spies.