Communist Secret Agents Intrude into My Mother's House Today

April 7, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: April 7, 2006 12:00 am

It has been 49 days since Ouyang Xiaorong was kidnapped by the Chinese communist regime, and 16 days since Meng Qinggang from Xijiang was kidnapped by the Public Security Bureau of Beijing. The Chinese communist regime is still carrying out ruthless and inhumane crimes.

On April 5, 2006, my mother's house in Northern ShaanXi Province was surrounded by secret police.

This morning [April 5], two unmarked off-road vehicles with no number plates arrived at the bottom of the hill where the cave-house is located in which my mother had been living before she passed away. Six people as mysterious as their vehicle entered the court-yard of my mother's house. At that time Mr. Ma Wendu and I were at my sister's house in Yanjiaping, 20 kilometers away. According to my family members, these people stormed the yard with their cameras and video cameras, taking photos and filming everything in the court-yard, including all my family members. Then they said that they wanted to come into the house to have a look. My elderly brother said, “Anyone who comes to our home is our guest. Please come in. We don't have any secrets.” These secret agents flooded into the house and took photos inside and asked questions about my family in a thinly disguised manner. They asked about “the brother in Beijing” which is me. Then they very carefully inspected every corner of the house, including the areas where firewood, grain and sundries are stored. After that they quickly drove off.

At noon, my younger brother was on his way to the county by motorcycle, when he found out that those people hadn't really left. They had parked their vehicles beside a tunnel about 500 meters from my family home. All vehicles coming to and from the village have to drive through this tunnel. Those secret agents were sitting in their vehicles monitoring all the village people passing.

In the afternoon, as Mr Ma and I approached our car so that we could return to my mother's home, we saw a luxury off-road vehicle, with a roof full of antennae, parked right in front of our car. As soon as they saw us, the people in the vehicle got out and surrounded us silently. When we moved forward, they followed, from a distance of about 1 to 1.5 meters. These people were fat and had very white skin, totally differently from the local folk. When we drove back home, their car followed closely. I told Mr. Ma that I could lose them in five minutes, but he wasn't convinced. When we got to a section of road which was covered in dust, I suddenly sped up. The dust blew so high that the sky and the sun disappeared. I am very familiar with all the routes in the mountains. As we hid in the shadows, we saw the secret agent's vehicle racing madly through the dust, trying to catch and follow us. We laughed so much that we couldn't stand straight.

Half an hour later, they realized they'd been tricked and got out of their vehicle. They followed us to the entrance of our village, blocked our car and started their bullying. They parked their vehicle in the middle of the road and blocked our way, so I kept on beeping my horn. This went on for several minutes until they reluctantly gave way. Then they followed us closely again, from less than a meter away. After we stopped our car, the secret agents rushed over and followed us to the gate of my home. They would immediately follow us whenever Mr. Ma and I went out of the gate. They would even follow us and stand outside the toilet when we used it. Mr. Ma sighed, “I have had dealings with Communist secret agents for more than 20 years, yet I have never been followed so shamelessly. They are almost stepping on our heels!”

Just after we had our dinner, several secret agents shone their flashlights inside our home. I went over and asked why they were doing this. They didn't reply, nor did they show any sign of leaving. Right now, they are still keeping watch over my family and shining their flashlights at anyone who moves around.

Today the director of the local police station called my younger brother and asked him to go to the police station. My brother was too busy to go. At dinner time the local Communist Party secretary called again and ordered my brother to go to his office before 8 am tomorrow with no excuses.

Today the Communist secret agents have been following my wife in Beijing, adopting methods as despicable as before. It is not clear whether my daughter was also followed today, as her mother didn't accompany her to and from school.

Transcribed from recording