Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony TV Coverage: Channels in India, Australia, UK, NZ, Other Countries

Broadcasters around the world will air coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony on Sunday, May 3.

More than 1 billion people are projected to tune in to the ceremony, which will end the games and reflect the upcoming transfer to Australia for the 2018 Games.

The event is being held at Hampden Park in Glasgos, Scotland.

Check out a full list of broadcasters and live stream providers below.

TV Stations and Live Streams

To find your country quickly, search on the page for the country name.

Afghanistan: Ten Sports 
Algeria: Dubai Sports Channel 
American Samoa: CBS Sports Network 
Angola: SuperSport 
Australia: Ten One, ABC Radio, TenPlay 
Bahrain: Dubai Sports Channel 
Bangladesh: Ten Sports 
Benin: SuperSport
Bhutan: Ten Sports 
Botswana: SuprtSport, BTV 
Brunei Durassalam: Radio Television Brunei, Harmoni 94.1 
Burkina Faso: SuperSport
Canada: CBC 
Cape Verde: SuperSport 
Central African Republic: SuperSport 
Chad: SuperSport 
China: CCTV5+ 
Comoros: SuperSport 
Congo: SuperSport
Cook Islands: SKY 
Ivory Coast: SuperSport 
Cyprus: CyBc 
Dijbouti: SuperSport, Dubai Sports Channel

Egypt: Dubai Sports Channel
Equatorial Guinea: SuperSport 
Eritrea: SuperSport, Dubai Sports Channel 
Ethiopia: SuperSport, Dubai Sports Channel 
Falkland Islands: FiTV 
Fiji: Fiji Television, Mai Television, SKY 
Gabon: SuprtSport 
Gambia: SuperSport 
Ghana: GBC, SuperSport 
Gibraltar: GBC 
Guam: CBS Sports Network 
Guernsey: BBC, Radio 5 Live
Guinea: SuperSport 
India: Ten Sports, All India Radio 
Iraq: Dubai Sports Channel 
Ireland: BBC, Radio 5 Live 
Isle of Man: BBC, Radio 5 Live 
Jamaica: TVJ 
Jersey: BBC, Radio 5 Live 
Kenya: SuperSport, KBC 
Kiribati: FijiTV
Kuwait: Dubai Sports Channel

Lebanon: Dubai Sports Channel 
Lesotho: SuperSport, LTV 
Liberia: SuperSport 
Libya: Dubai Sports Channel 
Madagascar: SuperSport 
Malawi: MBC, SuperSport 
Malaysia: TV1, Astro, RTM 
Mali: SuperSport 
Malta: PBC 
Mauritania: SuperSport, Dubai Sports Channel 
Mauritius: SuperSport 
Morocco: Dubai Sports Channel 
Mozambique: SuperSport, TVM 
Namibia: SuperSport, NBC 
Nauru: FijiTV, SKY 
New Zealand: Prime, Sky Sport 
Niger: SuperSport, Dubai Sports Channel 
Nigeria: SuperSport 
Niue: Fiji TV, TV Niue 
Northern Mariana Islands: CBS Sports Channel 
Oman: Dubai Sports Channel

Palestine: Dubai Sports Channel 
Papua New Guinea: EMTV, FijiTV, TBC 
Puerto Rico: CBS Sports Network 
Qatar: Dubai Sports Channel 
Rwanda: SuperSport Samoa FijiTV, SBC 
Sao Tome and Principe: SuperSport 
Saudi Arabia: Dubai Sports Channel 
Senegal: SuperSport 
Seychelles: SuperSport, SBC 
Sierra Leone: SuperSport, SLBC 
Singapore: MediaCorp, Toggle 
Solomon Islands: FijiTV, One Television 
Somalia: SuperSport 
South Africa: SuperSport 
South Sudan: SuperSport 
Sri Lanka: Ten Sports 
Sudan: SuperSport, Dubai Sports Channel 
Swaziland: SuperSport, Swazi TV 
Syria: Dubai Sports Channel 
Tanzania: SuperSport, TBC 
Togo: SuperSport 
Tonga: FijiTV, TBC 
Tunisia: Dubai Sports Channel 
Tuvalu: FijiTV 
Uganda: SuperSport, UBC 
United Arab Emirates: Dubai Sports Channel 
United Kingdom: BBC, Radio 5 Live 
United States of America: CBS Sports Network
Vanuatu: FijiTV, SKY 
Virgin Islands: CBS Sports Network 
Yemen: Dubai Sports Channel 
Zambia: SuperSport, ZNBZ 
Zimbabwe: SuperSport

See an Associated Press story below.

England wins gold medal race at Commonwealth Games

GLASGOW, Scotland—The Commonwealth Games ended Sunday with England winning the overall gold medal race and the country it usurped—Australia—hoping for better things in four years when it will host the multi-sports event that attracts athletes from countries aligned with the former British Empire.

The first gold Sunday went to cyclist Lizzie Armistead in the road race, and the English added another in badminton later in the day to increase its total to 58, nine clear of second-place Australia.

It marked the first time since 1990 that Australia, which won four events on the last day, hadn’t led the gold race at the Commonwealth Games. Athletes from Down Under will have a chance to return to first place when the Gold Coast in Queensland state hosts the games in 2018.

The closing ceremony was scheduled for Sunday night in Glasgow, with Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue among the headline acts. Head of ceremonies David Zolkwer promised a party atmosphere: “The show is called ‘All Back To Ours.’ The title reflects a personal, spontaneous ‘we don’t want this moment to end’ feeling.”

Armitstead, who finished second in the London Olympics road race and at the 2010Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, led an England one-two finish in the 98-kilometer (61-mile) race on the wet streets of Glasgow.

“Now I can call myself a champ, not a runner-up,” Armitstead said. “It was special, something I’ve always dreamed about.”

She finished the seven-lap course in 2 hours, 38 minutes, 43 seconds. Her teammate Emma Pooley, the silver medalist in the time trial on Thursday and who said she plans to retire from cycling, was 25 seconds behind.

Ashleigh Pasio of South Africa took the bronze in a photo finish with Australia’s Tiffany Cromwell. Both finished 1:11 behind Armitstead.

Linda Villumsen of New Zealand, the gold medalist in the time trial, was fifth.

“It was a great course,” Armitstead said. “I won the national championships here last year, so I was prepared. I definitely had an advantage knowing the track.”

And the rain, which hit the course on several occasions to make conditions slippery for the riders, helped Armitstead.

“As soon as it started to rain, I knew that was an advantage, because when you’re solo you can keep going fast in the wet,” she said.

In the 12-lap, 168-kilometer (104-mile) men’s race held through mostly steady rain, Geraint Thomas of Wales, who won bronze in the time trial here and was 22nd in this year’s Tour de France, overcame a punctured tire with just under seven kilometers (4.3 miles) remaining to win gold.

Thomas, who led by about 50 seconds when his tire needed to be replaced by his crew, finished in 4 hours, 13 minutes, 5 seconds. Jack Bauer of New Zealand and Scott Thwaites of England had a sprint finish for second, with Bauer edging ahead on the line for silver. Both Bauer and Thwaites were 1:21 behind Thomas.

“It was such a grim day, I felt terrible at the start,” Thomas said. “And when I had that puncture, I thought, ‘what do I have to do’? But I had a decent enough gap to stay out in front.”

Elsewhere on the final day:

AUSTRALIA STREAK: Australia beat India 4-0 to win its fifth consecutive men’s field hockey gold. England beat New Zealand 4-2 in a penalty shootout to take the bronze medal after the teams were level 3-3 after regulation time ended. Australia has won 29 of its 30 matches at the Commonwealth Games, only losing a pool match against South Africa 3-2 in 1998.

NETBALL GOLD: Australia easily beat defending champions New Zealand 58-40 for gold in netball; Jamaica beat England 52-48 for bronze.

FAMILY FIRST: In the all-England mixed team badminton final, the husband-and-wife team of Chris and Gabrielle Adcock won the gold medal, beating Chris Langridge and Heather Olver. Michelle Li of Canada won the women’s singles gold, beating Kirsty Gilmour of Scotland. Kashyap Parupalli of India won gold in men’s singles, beating Derek Wong of Singapore.

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